Fukushima Plant

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Contaminated water crisis

Highly radioactive water was found at 4 more locations

Tepco found highly contaminated water stocked at additional 4 locations in the trench facilities. 1. In the pit of water circulating pomp at reactor. 500 m3 Cs-134 : 7.1*10^3 Bq/cm3 Cs-137

Core removing struggle Cover-ups Plant hazard

Result of endoscope operation on 1/19/2012

The water level turned out to be lower then 4.000m at the most. Even the radiation resistant endoscope for 1000Sv got too much noise. Tepco inserted 2m of the endoscope

Core removing struggle

Tepco is planning to check inside of the reactor2 by endoscope on 1/19

1/17/2012, NHK reported Tepco is planning to check inside of reactor2 by using endoscope on 1/19/2012. It is to see the water level and check the temperature inside of the


0.36 microSv/h from snowfall in Saint Louis

Following up this article ..0.27 microSv/h from snow in Saint Louis 0.36 microSv/h (42.9 CPM) was measured from snowfall in Saint Louis on 1/13/2012. Also, back in 6/28/2011, they measured

Domestic and global Environment Plant hazard

Japanese government will stop measuring Iodine from tapwater

Following up this article .. Increasing leakage of Iodine 131 Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology will quit measuring Iodine131 from tapwater after 4/1/2012. They have been measuring cesium

Contaminated water crisis

Contaminated water was found leaking into two more tunnels

Following up this article .. Tepco found 140 tones of contaminated water leaking in a tunnel under the reactor Tepco found out contaminated water has leaked into two more tunnels

Cover-ups Effects to be confirmed Plant hazard

Tepco and JP gov rejected having nuc workers have hematopoietic cell transplantation

Though Dr.Taniguchi of Toranomon Hospital, one of the major hospitals in Tokyo, offered preserve of hematopoietic cell of nuclear workers so they can have it transplanted when they have acute

Cover-ups Effects to be confirmed Plant hazard

Cardiopulmonary arrest worker died and Tepco concealed it for 2 days

Following up this article ..Another Fukushima worker suffered cardiopulmonary arrest. Tepco announced he actually died of cardiac infarct on the day when he was hospitalized. It was 17:02  1/9/2012. According to

Spent Fuel Pools

Roads in Tokyo will be shut down at emergency

Metropolitan police department decided to ban some roads (Highway and normal roads) in emergency situation such as earthquake etc.. It’s supposed to let ambulance and fire truck go smoothly, but

Spent Fuel Pools

Reactor 4 : Spent fuel pool was boiling without water after 1/1/2012

Following up this article about the decreasing of water level at reactor 4… The blogger woman in Minamisoma leaked information from an actual Fukushima worker. According to her post, after