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Contaminated water crisis

Actual Fukushima worker suspects an explosion caused 8.5t of water leakage

    Following up this article ..301,750,000 Bq leaked from reactor 4 A Fukushima worker Happy20790 commented 8.5tones of water would take too long to leak from the pipe (Internal

Cover-ups Plant hazard Spent Fuel Pools

“There is no space to move spent fuel from reactor4, and it’s better than other ones.”

  Actual Fukushima worker Happy20790 tweeted about the situation of reactor4. He states they are planning to move the spent fuel to another pool, but the pool is already full

Contaminated water crisis

301,750,000 Bq leaked from reactor 4

Following up this article ..Emergency mail from Tepco   In the evening of 2/1/2012, Tepco admitted that the amount of water leakage was up to 8.5 tones, though they announced

Core removing struggle

There was nuclear fuel in reactor 4

Reactor 4 had nuclear fuel in it. The Fukushima blogger leaked information on her blog. <Quote start> きのう、 この話を聞いて、 Yesterday I heard this story. これを、ブログに上げて いいものなのか どうか ・・・ さんざん、迷いました。 I

Contaminated water crisis

Emergency mail from Tepco

Around 3:00 AM 2/1/2012, Tepco sent journalists an emergency email. Japanese comedian / nuclear journalist tweeted it. makomelo おしどり♀マコリーヌ 【速報】(東電からのメール)1)○昨日(1月31日)午後10時30分頃、福島第一原子力発電所4号機原子炉建屋1階にあるジェットポンプ計装ラック内の計器テストラインより漏えいしていることを当社社員が発見。(続 Source 【速報】2)○その後、午後10時43分、計装ラックに繋がる元弁を閉めることにより、水の漏えいは停止。○床面は瓦礫が散乱した状態であり、漏れた水の量は確認できた範囲で約6リットル。なお、原子炉建屋外への流出はない。(続 Source 【速報】3)○テストライン内の水を採取し、放射能濃度を測定した結果、漏れた水は原子炉ウェル水と推定。(分析結果:35.5 Bq/cm3)(参考:昨年12月8日に原子炉ウェル水を分析した結果、39 Bq/cm3)(続 Source 【速報】4)○本件について、福島においては本日(2月1日)午前の定例レクで、本店においては午前11時に説明。(以上、東京電力からのメール)(35.5Bq/cm3は35500Bq/Lなので、けっこう濃度高いと思います)Source <Translation> 1/31/2012,

Contaminated water crisis

Tepco has been ignoring the risk of frozen pipes

Following up this article ..Cold weather destroys water cooling system Tepco admitted that their employees suggested covering the pipes or to set heaters near them so as to not let

Contaminated water crisis

Cold weather destroys water cooling system

    Following up this article ..Winter cold may freeze and break the water purifying system As exactly warned, water cooling system keeps having water leakage at various points. On

Contaminated water crisis

Cesium leakage keeps increasing

Following up this article ..Radiation emit has increased since January Tepco estimated that the cesium emission of January is 70 million Bq/h, but it increased to be 72 million Bq/h

Core removing struggle

Radiation emit has increased since January

  Tepco announced reactor 1, 2 and 3 emit 70 million Bq/h in January, which has increased since November and December by 10 million Bq/h. *1 Increased amount Reactor 1

Contaminated water crisis

30kg of lead shield broke the joint of the pipes

Following up this article ..Another leakage at reactor 4. 100 microSv/h on surface 1/22/2012, Tepco announced it was because of the lead shield covered on the joint. The joint part