[Video] Tepco pixelates 2 parts of fuel container of reactor4 pool

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Following up this article.. Tepco transferred 22 new fuel assemblies to on-premises transportation container [URL]


On 11/19/2013, Tepco released the video of fuel removal operated on 11/18/2013.

It records from when they put the on-premises transfer container into the pool to when they put the new fuel assemblies to the container. However, the top and the bottom parts of the container are pixelated for some reason.

Tepco is known to conceal some of the information for “the protection of nuclear material” but it is not clear why they need to conceal only these parts of the container.

Tepco pixelate 2 parts of fuel container of reactor4 pool






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[Vidéo] Tepco pixelise les 2 extrémités du conteneur à combustibles de la piscine du réacteur 4
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Article lié : Tepco a transféré 22 nouveaux assemblages de combustible à l’endroit du conteneur de transport

Le 19 novembre 2013, Tepco publie une vidéo du retrait de combustible effectué la veille.

Ils ont enregistré entre le moment où ils plongent le conteneur de transport dans la piscine et celui où ils mettent l’assemblage neuf dedans. Néanmoins,le haut et le bas du conteneur sont floutés sans raison connue.
Tepco est célèbre pour ses censures au nom de “la protection du matériel nucléaire” mais ça n’explique pas pourquoi ils ne floutent que ces parties du conteneur.

Tepco pixelate 2 parts of fuel container of reactor4 pool

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Je leur demande de prendre contact avec moi AVANT de lire ce site dans quelque but que ce soit.

  1. i was thinking that they were company logos…maybe to prevent “liability” by the company who made and/or is operating the cask?

  2. I think Mr Mochizuki they are pixelate,because some signs are on it,signs of the factory or brand.

  3. The casks could be made anywher from the U.S. China,to Korea or China. Similarily, they could be from some indepebdebt contractor in Japan – whichever company and/or country they are from, it is obvious that there are political reasons at play. What is ‘protection of nuclear materials’ supposed to mean? I’m guessing that they commited crimes against humanity for the past 3 years so that they could ‘protect the nuclear material’. But they couldn’t protect the people; yet they are still worried about their (soon to be rotten) public image. Everytime they cover something like this up, it’s important to analyse what they are ccensoring, and what they are leaving in (which luckily Mr. Mochizuki already seems to have done in the past) – this will be the key in the future to see a pattern and find out their true motives (hopefully before it’s too late). I’m guessing that the casks are being supplied by someone that, if found out by the public, has the ability to severly damage the Japanese Government/TEPCO’s image even further(if that is even possible). I think this could be either: 1) General Electric; 2) some shoddy company linked to the yakuza.
    Of course, I could be going about it all wrong and it’s just the government issuing some bullcrap over-up to protect Japan’s pride and image at large, thinking that if the world was to find out that they were getting their casks from anyone besides the U.S. (such as their asian neighbors/Russia), people would really care, and the Japanese populace would somehow think of this as some sort of charity and damn Abe and his cabinet for accepting it. I think that the radiation has gone to their heads already – I don’t think they are thinking straight, and they seem to be showing signs of mental debilitation, in my opinion (even moreso than the average rightwing politician).

    1. Yea, I noticed the pixels too but info on there could have been more than just manufacturer- We need to remember that these casks are supposed to me Immortal and must be Stamped with quantity and weight and TYPES of nuclear material inside required for handling in case of breach of containment. Now there is the rub- If in fact Japan is/was producing weapons grade Materials and or experimental Mox and other weapons then of course this ID would be blurred or blacked out- Felix

      1. En frehlicher Grischtdaag un en hallich Nei Yaahr!

        It is consistent with the (inconsistent) record, that Japan, TEPCO and AREVA ‘hot-loaded’ the FDU-3 reactor with a ‘higher-than-USA_NRC-sanctioned’ level of MOX fuel. That extra plutonium turned out to be a ‘bad career decision’, but it was likely (IMHO) a commercial rather than military decision. The FDU-3 atomic explosion was a financial disaster as well as every other sort of imaginable disaster. It has SUNK the erstwhile ‘$T-value-proposition’ pretentions of the insolvent civilian nuclear power plant industry.

        It is, contrary to political lore, a fairly easy technical challenge, to safely produce (bomb-quantity) weapon-grade atomic material in a commercial nuclear reactor. There will be no elaboration on the ‘hows’, of that statement.

        Given the escalating China threats and the utterly unreliable present USA regime-alliances, Japan is probably well advised to have a weapon-grade strategic stockpile. So they probably do. I doubt that FDU-3 was engaged in that justifiable self-defense national effort. A research reactor would be a better choice.


        Bill Duff

        1. Consequences,

          Bogus elections of Article II unqualified, Marxist, Moslem, Terrorist MORONS, have consequences.

          Even ‘Atoms-4-Peace’ can produce atomic explosions and hemispheric radioactive fallout/washout consequences.

          Insolvent, lying, incompetent civilian nuclear power plant operators, with ‘nothing-2-lose’ produce unfortunate consequences.

          Harnessing the WHO to ‘Team-Nuke’ IAEA promotions of the civilian nuclear power experiment has consequences.

          Bastardizing the fields of nuclear engineering, public health, climate study, and peer publication, has consequences.

          Welcome to the consequences.


          Bill Duff

  4. The PURPOSE of the pixilation is not clear.

    What is obscured appears to be pressure vessel rating, if any, pressure relief features, if any, AND/OR any certifications and/or seals; as well as the manufacturer identifiers.

    Is the cask, flat-top or constructed with a flange-and-dish type materials, which would indicate the approximate pressure rating of the cask. Are there bleed-off valves, pressure relief pop-offs and water coolant connections?

    Is there a heat-sink or an active heat removal system?

    What pressure ratings are the plumbing fittings on the cask?

    So all the construction details are obscured.


    Bill Duff

  5. Hello mochizuki, I hope your well. I and I am sure many others have trouble with video. How would you describe the surrounding area of plant juxtaposed against a plant that had a massive hydrogen/dirty nuclear explosion and raging fire?
    I have placed with both hands a small Sashi-ire in your paypal account. 🙂
    Best regards,

    1. Why not just donate without making a point of it?
      Does everybody need to know you think yourself a hero?
      Just give anonymously, and be happy you know you helped somebody in need without shoving it in their face.

  6. Thank you for the good work Mr Mochizuki.

    I really hope the corporate media will give you credit where it’s due.

    If you haven’t already, you should get in touch with some independent/citizen news outlets like James Corbertt. He is in Japan as well. http://www.corbettreport.com/about/
    You should also consider contacting “People’s Voice” which is a new 24/7 streaming independent news online. http://www.thepeoplesvoice.tv/

    Maybe you can submit your news to report@thepeoplesvoice.tv and they will get your website reports worldwide. They will actually give you credit for it and possibly more donations to come your way.

  7. Tepco are likely to get supportive publicity from these daily videos of progress. Before you know it another year will have gone by.

  8. They are not shy about revealing the HITACHI label on the cranes!!

    Anyone notice the differenct in the videos regards to hoses? The first part shows red and neat hose connections to the tank. The final part shows orange/old hoses, jumbled, piled up and tie wrapped to hold into place. So two locations for the video footage, I believe.

  9. The pixelation is a security measure to prevent people from knowing which casks are currently loaded.

    Don’t let you imaginations run wild.

    1. There is only *one* cask that was specially made for this procedure, if I read the press releases correctly. You’re looking at it in the vid and pix. The fuel assemblies are taken out at the common pool and the cask is returned to be filled again.

      This is not the same thing as the dry casks used to store very old fuel removed from the common SPF.

  10. They seem to be hiding the flange where the casks are attached to their cradle. Perhaps they don’t want us to see rubber bands and string and such?

  11. If you look, you will also notice that the back of a worker was pixelated. Probably they are simply pixelating logotypes which are not paying an advertisement fee.

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