[Black substance] 170,000 CPM, possibly 130,000~140,000 CPM from β

[Black substance] 170,000 CPM, possibly 130,000~140,000 CPM from β

On 5/10/2013, the video to measure the highly radioactive material was posted on Youtube.

The location is assumed to be in Namie-machi. The details are not clear but Fukushima Diary post this for the reference of the potential study in future.

170,000 CPM of γ and β dose was detected on the black substance accumulate on asphalt. With the shield of 3mm thickness, it decreased to be 40,000 CPM. The substance contains significant level of β nuclide of 130,000 ~ 140,000 CPM.

The researcher claims he/she named it Black substance.




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Français :

[substance noire] 170 000 CPM, sans doute 130 à 140 000 CPM de β


[Black substance] 170,000 CPM, possibly 130,000~140,000 CPM from β

Le 10 mai 2013, une vidéo expliquant comment mesurer les matières hautement radioactives a été publiée sur Youtube.

Le lieu est présumé être dans Namie-machi. Les détails ne sont pas clairs mais le Fukushima Diary le publie pour référence en cas d’étude ultérieure.
Une dose de 170 000 CPM de γ et β a été relevée sur de la substance noire accumulée sur le goudron. Avec le bouclier en plastique de 3 mm d’épaisseur devant le capteur, c’est descendu à 40,000 CPM. La substance contient donc un  nombre important de β nucléides, pour 130 à 140,000 CPM.
Le/la chercheur/chercheuse revendique avoir donné le nom de substance noire.


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  1. This is another example of significant contamination. A clear Hotspot. The Inspector Geiger Counter usually gets roughly 0.25 CPS per Bq. So take the reading and multiply it with 4 and you get (roughly) the activity (of Cs-137). However this hotspot material seems to show a mixture of gamma, beta and possibly alpha emmiters with an obvious dominace of a beta emmiter (Cs-137?). I guess analysing this material in a lab would not reveal something we do not assume already…

    I’m still speachless to see that this a public(?) place and people are living there and authorities do nothing.

  2. Suggestion to spray this area, if its not on a road, with 1/3 clay, 1/3 cow or chicken manure, 1/3 moss mix, and then spray with water, throw some seeds at it, to at least settle the black substance from being blown around your local area in the wind. The mix above is for bonsai moss growing around plant roots. The moss will make a barrier, and continue to absorb the dust and run off to that place that is concentrating to that spot.
    Just thinking what can you do before an official decontamination occurs in the meantime.

    1. Good idea to fix the movable dust. However throwing seeds onto it may not be a good idea. Plants tend to pic-up some of the radio isotopes like Sr-90 and embed it in the foliage. It is a known problem of the exclusion zone around Chernobyl that crop constantly moves radio isotopes to surface after they had transported into the ground (by rain, dust, etc). This is also the case in south Germany – mainly in larger woods – where the Cs-134/7 of Chernobyl’s fallout is still on the surface.

  3. In addition to what Helen has said above, add charcoal or biochar from pyrolysis of organic wastes or wood. Black charcoal absorbs and binds all heavy metals. Good luck to the people of Japan.

    African woman.

  4. I suspect the reason you are seeing this black mold is because, most of the bacteria that is in the background environment was killed of by contamination allowing unchecked mold growth a lot of bacteria eat mold.

  5. This black radioactive mystery mold may over lap with Wilhielm Wright’s
    description of Deadly Orgone Radiation aka DOR. Who knows what Dr. Wright acutally found but its errie to read. He treats it like a charge to avoid or disapate with a device rather than radioactive particles to contain or react.

    The Oranur Experiment led to Reich’s discovery of what he termed “deadly orgone” (DOR), which was supposedly the result of the interaction between nuclear radiation and orgone energy. DOR has been described as a toxic, black, lusterless substance which carries a high charge and is attracted to water and oxygen.


    everyone is acting like weve never seen this before, we have and numerous times, can you guess where, AT NUCLEAR FACILITIES wow can you f ing imagine that!!!!!!!1 thanx fo rthe update on black radiatied mold wow.. every f ing week black mold, WE GET IT THERE IS BLACK MOLD WITH RADIATION

    FIND SOMETHING ELSE!!!!!!!!! or dont be morons abd build on a fualt line on the edge of a freakin ocean, GENIUS!!!!!!

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