Today’s news 今日のニュース 10/4/2012





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Today's news 今日のニュース 10/4/2012


Today's news 今日のニュース 10/4/2012 2


Today's news 今日のニュース 10/4/2012 3


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Today's news 今日のニュース 10/4/2012


Today's news 今日のニュース 10/4/2012 2


Today's news 今日のニュース 10/4/2012 3

  1. English translation:

    “Let’s do today’s news.

    Today I have 4 topics.

    The first one, is that radiation is up near Futuba, Fukushima, 4km from the nuclear plant,
    according to the real-time data from the Ministry of Research & Education,
    From around 8:30 AM on October 4th, until when it was stable, for some reason, the radiation level suddenly started to increase,
    Within 24 hours, by 2:40 AM on October 5th it has gone from 16uSv/hr to 20uSv/hr, so up by 4uSv/hr within 24 hours.

    Even in case you’d think the local measuring point might be broken, measurements in other places also increased within the same time-frame.

    Also, until yesterday, the temperature of Fukushima Unit 1 has been increasing, and I’m very worried that these increases might be related.
    And there was also the issue with the steel frame falling inside the SFP of Unit 3 last week.
    It’s really getting to me that these other incidents might be related to the increase in radiation being measured now.

    Secondly, some other news, but it looks like, maybe the contact lense materials maybe coming from Fukushima.
    There was an inquiry by a committe of the House of Representatives, that a business was criticized for taking reconcstruction budget.
    Within the answers it said that sourced materials came from Ibaraki or Fukushima.
    It’s not clear what amount of the materials came from Fukushima, but earlier on, another maker with big market share in lense fluid was also in trouble,
    but my eyes were drawn to this line here that said “it was observed that materials are being sourced from Fukushima or Ibaraki.”

    The third issue, Mr. Abe of the LDP political party, seems to have visited Fukushima nuclear plant.
    On October 3rd he commented, “As a matter of fact and the feeling of local citizens, you can’t say it’s shutdown yet.”
    Of course that is what we have been saying, but at least he really put it out there.
    It was last year, I think December 16th 2011, that Noda declared the “cold shutdown state”
    which I remember reading that in Moscow airport when I had just left the country and I thought that was a crazy thing to say.
    But even as “cold shutdown state” was declared before, Mr Abe now says it’s not.

    Also very noticable here is that, when touring the plant in a bus,
    Mr. Abe was in normal clothes and not in a protective suit.
    Mr. Edano was there and wearing a protective suit, and even a mask and gloves.
    Well I hope Mr. Abe doesn’t get any health complaints from it.

    Then the fourth topic, about desaster related deaths.
    Before, at a time that other media held up that there were no victims from the disaster,
    it was Yomiuri newspaper, first in it’s English version, that published that there had been 575 disaster deaths. That was the first such report.

    Now, Kahoku News Network [Shinposha], on it’s Japanese page, reports that there are over 1,000 desaster relater deaths in Fukushima.
    [see the item further on the blog]
    From stress and the shelter, people are said to be impacted.
    But then it says that “people dying from the disaster will likely increase”

    So it will likely increase from here! So, more than the 1,104 people so far.
    But the article from Kahoku is written mostly in passive form to soften the wording,
    And it’s not saying who exactly is making these statements, if it was the reporter or someone else?
    In cases like this, we have to use our own judgement and disect the articles.”

  2. Iori we are here. We are watching. Help is coming. (((HUGS)))

    The Japanese government has decided to deny responsibility. Parents of Japan it’s time to think about a work stoppage until the government understands that it needs to honor it’s obligations.

    “Yesterday, Shunichi Tanaka, head official of Japan’s new Nuclear Regulation Authority stated that the NRA is only responsible for nuclear safety criteria, and not judgements related to restarting idled nuclear reactors.
    …In his news conference, Fujimura refused to further clarify the government’s role in the restart process, adding that once the safety had been confirmed by the NRA, that the reactors would be brought back on-line. Fujimura repeatedly stressed that the NRC was in charge of all safety-related decisions, and that utilities were responsible for explaining restarts to host municipalities and seeking their consent”.

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