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Trucks with Fukushima number and radiation mark were caught by picture in Miyazaki prefecture

Unusual spiking of radiation level makes people question if disaster debris is incinerated nearby. Miyazaki prefecture in Kyushu is about 1072 km from Fukushima plant. They are not supposed to

Support by eating

Support Fukushima by eating is still going-on

They are still pushing the propaganda of “Support Fukushima by eating”. They defined 8/31 as “The day of vegetables”, held a campaign to increase the sales of agricultural products of

Confirmed effects Cover-ups

IAEA is to cooperate with Fukushima Gov for decontamination and health management

  Medical situation to surround Fukushima is becoming large scale. Amano, head of the secretariat of IAEA announced they are going to start the project to decontaminate and manage health


80 million eggs of pond smelt became extinct in Gunma

  Takasaki fishery cooperative postponed lifting the restriction of boat fishing of pond smelt because they couldn’t even fish one sample to measure the radiation level. On 9/1, in Haruna


Cesium from baby food made in Tokyo and Aichi

Radiation is starting to be measured from baby food. We are having less and less to feed our babies. According to the radiation measurement of Yokohama city government, cesium 134/137


Ecosystem Conservation Society-Japan “People from Fukushima to Kanagawa should not marry”

  An honest comment is criticized. On 7/9/2012, Mr. Ikeya (70), the chairman of Ecosystem Conservation Society-Japan commented people from Fukushima to Kanagawa should not marry because of radiation effect.