[Video] It was 1.2μSv/h in Tokyo May 2011

In May. 2011, Tokyo was significantly contaminated under the total media blackout by the government.

The video taken 5/15/2011 shows it was 1.2μSv/h (α+β+γ) on the ground, 0.25μSv/h at 1m above the ground around the west exit of Shinjuku station.

It was also 0.75μSv/h on the ground, 0.18μSv/h at 1m above the ground around the east exit of Shinjuku station.

Shinjuku station is one of the largest station in Japan.(226km from Fukushima plant) More than 730,000 people get on JR line from this station, which is the biggest number in the world.



↓ Around the west exit.

↓ Around the east exit.

<Settlement report 8/9/2012>

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Settlement report 8/9/2012 2

Settlement report 8/9/2012

  1. FUKUSHIMA DIARY FR – [Vidéo] En mai 2011, on était à 1,2μSv/h dans Tokyo
    Par Mochizuki, le 10 août 2012.

    En mai 2011, Tokyo était fortement contaminée et dans un total blackout médiatique imposé par le gouvernement.

    La vidéo prise le 14 mai 2011 autour de la gare de Shinjuku montre qu’on avait 1,2 μSv/h (α+β+γ) au sol et 0,25 μSv/h à 1 m à sa sortie Ouest. A la sortie Est on avait 0,75 μSv/h au sol et 0,18 μSv/h à 1 m.

    La gare de est lune des lus grandes du Japon. (à 226 km de l’usine de Fukushima) Plus de 730 000 personnes prennent la JR line à partir de cette gare, ce qui est le chiffre le plus grand au monde.

    ↓ Autour de la sortie Ouest.
    (vidéo : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xb59GAgHdfg&feature=player_embedded)

    ↓ Autour de la sortie Est.
    (vidéo : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XYgumdm9wto&feature=player_embedded)

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    1. @Nick do you think you could run a site like this 24 hours a day? Doing reseacrh to keep people around thw rold safe? STFU if you can’t be positive or do better than Iori. At leat try to be helpful.

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  2. I have followed this blog for a while and i am very amazed how little mainstream news mention about this. I do add a lot of comments on online sites about this, with link to this site ofcourse. Wish i had money to give You, but as unemployed i can’t…. But i try to spread the word about this great blog as much as i can !

    Thanks for all Your great work ! 🙂 Don’t give up !

    I will continue to support You as much as i can !


  3. I do not mean to sound selfish but I am so glad I got my wife and I out of Japan soon after 3.11. Fuck TEPCO and the Japanese authorities….and GE!

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