82℃ in reactor2 → change the definition of cold shutdown

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Reactor 2 marked 82℃.

Tepco increased water amount by 1 tone on 2/11/2012, but increased it by additional 3 tones. Currently, they inject 17.6 tones /h (422.4 tones/d) .

Tepco also added 1 tone of boric acid. They haven’t measured Xe135, but they can’t control the situation.

They reported to NISA and local governments, because the heating gauge has 20℃ of error, 82℃ may mean 102℃ actually.

However, they stated it doesn’t affect the “cold shutdown” . On the press conference of 2/12/2012, Tepco announced they are going to change the definition of cold shutdown.

Tepco analyzes it’s because the heating gauge is broken because other 2 heating gauges are showing 34℃. Source



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