74.9℃ in reactor2

Following up this article ..After all, nothing is improved

Reactor2 marked the highest temperature in February.

It’s only 5.1℃ to warn local governments around the Fukushima plants.

It was 71.3℃ at 9:00 of 2/11/2012. It went down to 69.5℃ at 17:00, but it increased rapidly.

At 23:00, it’s already 74.9℃. Tepco decided to increase the water to inject even more.

A Japanese journalist Iwakami Yasumi tweeted like this below




Emergency mail from Tepco.The heating gauge of the bottom of reactor2 showed temperature increase. At 17:00 of 2/11/2012, it was 69.5℃. 6 hours later, at 23:00, it was 74.9℃ (+5.4℃) Tepco decided to increase the water amount to inject.




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