6,440,000 MBq/km2 per month to Futaba Fukushima in March

Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology has finally published the data of monthly fall-out amounts from March to June.

Like the data about Iodine 131 on Futaba is still concealed, this is far from being trustworthy, but it could be a milestone to tell the reality is way worse than this at least.

Overview (MBq/km2 per month)

In March

Futaba Fukushima
I-131 = ND lol
Cs-134 = 3,100,000 MBq/km2
Cs-137 = 3,340,000 MBq/km2
Total = 6,440,000 MBq/km2

Shinjuku Tokyo
I-131 = 29,000 MBq/km2
Cs-134 = 8,500 MBq/km2
Cs-137 = 8,100 MBq/km2
Total = 45,600 MBq/km2

Chigasaki Kanagawa
I-131 = 10,000 MBq/km2
Cs-134 = 3,500 MBq/km2
Cs-137 = 3,400 MBq/km2
Total = 16,900 MBq/km2

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