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Breaking News: Melt OUT was predicted on 3/11 On March 11, at 22:35, the Cabinet received advice predicting that the fuel would be damaged and the pressure vessels would be breached Forecast: exposure of top of active


Understanding soil contamination measurements

source In the one of the breaking news stories for today, September 5th, 2011, soil or surface contamination is reported for some mulch and for the roof of a condo.


Breaking News: Screaming hot roof in Yokohama

(Click for larger versions) Kouhoku-ku, Yokohama-city A specialist dad in Kouhoku-ku, Yokohama-shi collected and assayed a debris found on the rooftop of a condo he lives in at an isotope


Impact of low dose radiation on pregnancy

(Click table to see larger version) Brent RL. Counseling patients exposed to ionizing radiation during pregnancy. Rev Panam Salud Publica. 2006…


News: September 3, 2011 part 2

[Many thanks to the kind volunteers at Translate Fukushima for helping us crowd-source the hard task of translation and bring even more information to you the reader. Now its your


Column of the Day: It was wrong from the very first place

Today,on our facebook group Translate Fukushima,a member asked, “Is there any movements to demand the full disclosure of all information regarding Fukushima? ” I said, “I know how to make


News: September 3, 2011

Just after 311,private institutions were stopped to publish their radiation forecast by ministry of science. [Tweet of an actual Fukushima worker]
 今日 同僚がWBC受けたんだけど
今日になって個人情報保護の為に本人にすらカウントを教えなくな ったらしい
少なくとも自分のカウント位知る権利はあるとおもうんだがなあ. They started conceal the Whole


Breaking News: September 2, 2011

でじたるコミック: 4号機プールのドレンへ漏洩の可能性。4号機は塩素濃度 … twitter.com4号機プールのドレンへ漏洩の可能性。4号機は塩素濃度が高く溶 接部腐蝕による漏れがあったので、プールも検証した所、水溜りが あった。プールはコンクリに二重にステンレスのライナー敷き ( #iwakamiyasumi3 live at From press conference of Tepco (just now)
: Contaminated water may have leaked from the pool in unit 4.!/digital_comic12/status/109528571046920193


Column of the Day: Babel

Typhoon is coming up to North. Today,Tepco said the pool for the spent fuel rods in unit 4 was broken,water is leaking. I don’t know what will happen when typhoon