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Column of the Day: Bills of 20th century

“Bills of 20th century” Today,they found two of the (at least) 10Sv/h points and 5Sv/h point inside of the building. The first one was found when they were moving off


Breaking News: August 2, 2011

Yesterday 8/1/2011,they detected over 10Sv/h spot in Fukushima nuc plant area.   Today,they found another over 10Sv/h area and 5Sv/h area inside of the building of the unit 1.  


News: August 2, 2011

Tepco manipulated estimate of the electricity consumption by 20%. We didn’t need to save power !! Chernobyl;1986 In 1994,expected life-span in Russia became shorter by 8 years. 8/2/2011


Breaking News: M6.0 just under Hamaoka nuc plants.

“M6 just under Hamaoka nuc plants” 14:30 They detected 10Sv/h in Fukushima plants.One of the workers were exposed to 4mSv/h.Mr Koide assumes nuclear waste is exposed outside ,which was blasted


News: August 1, 2011

Tepco president→the president of a sub contract company “Collect disposable workers.” 6/24 ,sewage sludge ash detected 70,800Bq/kg cesium in Kashiwa shi,but the local gov secretly abandoned it in the