Breaking News: Nuclear Reactor Tsuruga genpatsu is also in a trouble?

Though nothing has been improved at Fukushima,today 2.50uSv/h was detected in Fukui.

There are Monju (fast breeder reactor) and Tsuruga genpatsu in there.

Both had been stopped last month,but Tsuruga genpatsu has been in a lot of troubles.

It is more likely to assume Tsuruga genpatsu is leaking radiation somehow.

Now no public announcement on media as always.

However,we must learn their typical behavior by now, they will report it when we all have been exposed.

We shall save ourselves.

Currently,there is no information about the sorts of the radiation,but

they detect high radiation in Fukui and Kyoto.

I will keep this blog posted.

  1. this is indeed a worrying things… can you tell us please where did they exaclty find these measurement in fukui and kyoto ?

  2. Every Prefecture in Japan has radiation detector on top of Prefecture Government building. The measurement is reported at

    The very high level of 2.5uSv/hr on 10th is most likely the result of an officially unreported leak at Tsuruga power station, part of a group of reactors in Fukui Prefecture that have a history of shoddy maintenance, several known failure modes for any quake with >1500 gals peak ground acceleration, falsified safety records, leaks, and cover-ups associated with endemic political and academic corruption.

    Anyway, the level fell over about 6 hours towards 0.040uSv/hr.
    Current levels for Fukui and Kyoto Prefectures at 2011-08-19 07:30 JST:

    Station #18 at 9m height in Fukui Prefecture: 0.047uSv/hr (“normal” range 0.032-0.097)

    Station #26 at 16.9m height in Kyoto Prefecture: 0.039uSv/hr 0.033-0.087 range

    Notice the very wide “normal” range. Background radiation does not normally vary by this much. Wouldn’t want to alarm the public with an “abnormal” level, would we? No. The wide range is provided specifically to accommodate the regular occurrence of “small” leaks.

    Remember, happy people are unaffected by radiation, and people can get ill when they are alarmed by information about radiation. “The effects of radiation do not come to people who are happy and laughing; they come to people who are weak spirited, who brood and fret”, says Shunichi Yamashita, academic known for downplaying radiation health effects, recently appointed as head of a new commission studying the health effects of radiation in Fukushima Prefecture.

    1. Sorry but I would like to point out two things.

      1) Yamashita Shuichi made a speech to say 100mSv/y is totally safe.and he revised his own comment a few months later ,”That was a mistake.10mSv/h is the safety limit,not 100mSv/h.” so many stupid people trusted his word in Fukushima and became late to escape. He’s a murderer. “happy people are unaffected by radiation, and people can get ill when they are alarmed by information about radiation. “The effects of radiation do not come to people who are happy and laughing; they come to people who are weak spirited, who brood and fret” That’s why I’m worried.

      2) The radiation map on is totally pointless. It’s detected at 18m height from the ground in Tokyo. It’s 80m height from the ground in Sendai. Obviously nobody lives that high.Do you ?

  3. 1) I didn’t listen to his correction. His correction, as reported, makes even less sense than his original ridiculous assertion that 100mSv/year is safe, even for pregnant women and children. What did he mean by “10mSv/h is the safety limit”? That’s even more ridiculous than his original assertion. 10 milliSieverts per hour is fatal dose of 5 Sieverts after 20 days of accumulation. Perhaps the reports of his correction are wrong.

    2) I think we can say the radiation map at is still a bit useful because it gives measurement of radiation in the atmosphere, which we must breathe, even though the data say the air is contaminated. Of course, there should be corresponding radiation measurement at ground level. Many months after the accident when fallout has decreased relatively, consequently the ground-level radiation should now be much higher in many places than the atmospheric radiation. So, we need to know ground-level radiation data too, and for a full profile of different depths in soil (0cm, 5cm, 10cm, 50cm, etc) and for different times of year.

    1. 1) 8/16/2011 from my post,
      [Manipulation of past comment]

      Radiation advisory in Fukushima,Yamashita Shunichi revised his own comment trying not to let anyone notice it.
      He said,you do not have any problem in 100uSv/h area at all.Even if it’s 5,10,or 20uSv/h,don’t worry,let your children play outside.

      Today,at the bottom of the HP of Fukushima,he revised his own comment.

      “100uSv/h was a mistake.It’s 10uSv/h.”

      A lot of the children have already been exposed because of his “mistake”

      2) All the info from gov is nothing but bullshit.

      1. 1) Is it true that 5,10,or 20uSv/hr (micro Sieverts per hour) is ok for children to play outside? No, no, no! 20uSv/hr is 175 milli Sieverts per year, which is really a very dangerous level. For comparison, 0.60uSv/hr (5 milli Sieverts per year) is considered dangerous enough to be the threshold for Chernobyl compulsory evacuation zone! Sadly, the Japanese government is untrustable.

        2) Thanks to your blog, I am beginning to understand more and more examples of Japanese government’s untrustable information. Very dangerous!

  4. Japan needs to be evacuated, and then the nuclear engineers need to come up with a large-scale method of taking radioactive things and making it not radioactive. Why are we still living in early-20-century knowledge of how to handle nuclear waste, which is storing them ONLY. We can’t seem to do ANYTHING with the stuff.

    Do I need to go back to school to become a nuclear engineer so that I can “save the world” from the consequences of the creators of nuclear science?

  5. How about this? How about trying the involved politicians (including those who were involved in the decision to pave nuclear power in Japan and/or commissioned more recent nuclear plants) in court and sentencing them to college to become nuclear scientists, to make them pay for the damage caused by these accidents (would like to do that here in the states, too). The only way their sentence would be completed is that if they were able to find the right and viable method of making radioactive things “not radioactive” anymore. If they are not able to graduate (i.e., handle the math and science courses) because of their natural aptitude limitations, then reassign them to on-site nuclear activities until they succum to radiation sickness.

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