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[Express] “Salt made from Fukushima seawater sold in western Japan”

Introducing important tweets as [Express] for simultaneous updates.   <Translate> I couldn’t help looking twice during the shopping. It reads “Salt made from seawater of Iwaki Fukushima” “Salt content 1/2″ I wonder if they conducted the radiation test ? The maker is a company in Hyogo prefecture. ・・・ <End> 買い物中、二度見してしまった。「福島県いわきの海水で作った国産のお塩です」でっかい字で「塩分1/2」って書いてあるけど放射性物質の検査はしているのか??生産している会社は兵庫県。西日本のスーパーでも、西日本のメーカーの食品でもこういう落とし穴は他にもあるかも!とぞっとした・・。 — dorumaさん (@3doruma) 2013年3月12日   [...]

[Debris incineration] Radiation level is jumping up near Kitakyushu city

On 11/5/2012, Fukushima Diary reported the increasing radiation level was monitored in Kitakyushu city. [Link] Since 6:00AM of 11/16/2012, radiation level is in the increasing trend at various locations.   In Suo-oshima island of Yamaguchi prefecture, radiation level jumped over 0.1μSv/h.   Source   Iori Mochizuki _____ Français : [Incineration des débris] La radioactivité monte [...]

Japanese idol to promote “Support by eating” got seriously dark under-eye circles

Mr. Yamaguchi from Tokio is a Japanese idol to promote “Support by eating”. He had a brief whole body counter check and had 20.47 Bq/Kg of cesium 137 measured.[Link] The new CM of “Support by eating” was published on 10/8/2012. In this TV CM, he looks like he has seriously dark under-eye circles.       [...]

Chemical complex had second explosion and radiation measurement is nearly impossible

              Following up this article..One factory worker found dead At 8:00 AM 4/22/2012, the chemical complex had second explosion with black smoke. They managed to extinguish fire at 17:15 of 4/22/2012, when already 15 hours had passed. 11 factory workers got injured except for the dead worker, and 11 [...]

Depleted uranium is stocked in the site on fire

岩国の爆発事故で、 @hanayuu さん達が、「劣化ウラン」について心配されているので、一応、県庁担当者に確認しました。所蔵していることはたしか。影響はないと確認しているとのこと。 — とくらたかこ (@tokuratakako) April 21, 2012   <Translate> About the factory explosion of Iwakuni, @hanayuu and other people are concerned about the possible depleted uranium, so I called the prefectural government to confirm. They said, depleted uranium is stocked in the site, but it’s not affected by the accident. <End>     [...]

One factory worker found dead

Following up this article..Possible depleted uranium at the chemical complex on fire One factory worker, Mr. Sunakawa Shota (22), was found dead in the site. The site is still on fire. The glass of the office door located 350m away from the plant was smashed by the blast. The blast reached 20km east to the [...]

Possible depleted uranium at the chemical complex on fire

Following up this article..Chemical Complex is on fire with nuclear fuel in Yamaguchi The complex owner, Mitsui chemicals hold 71.1 tones of depleted uranium.   They have 8 complexes in Japan but it is not known which site holds depleted uranium. Iwakuni Otake site holds 3379 units of nuclear waste. Osaka site holds 1889 units [...]

Chemical Complex is on fire with nuclear fuel in Yamaguchi

At 2:20 of 4/22/2012, Iwakuni Otake Petrochemical Complex of Mitsui chemicals got lightning strike to explode. The complex is still on fire, and 3379 units of radioactive waste (200L in each unit) and Uranium for nuclear fuel are preserved in the site. The state of the uranium and radioactive waste is not reported yet. Windows were [...]

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