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Fukushima pref gov not to conduct radiation test for under 4 y.o evacuating to Yamagata

According to Fukushima prefectural government, they are going to conduct the internal exposure test called WBC (Whole Body Counter) for the evacuees in Yamagata prefecture from June to August of 2013. However, they are not going to put the age restriction. When the evacuees have the test, the children have to be over 4 years [...]

70% of Fukushima municipal govs not to conduct internal exposure test for under 4 y.o, “Children are too small”

In Fukushima prefecture, over 70% of the municipal governments don’t conduct internal exposure test called WBC for children younger than 4 years old. They state it is because the testee must be taller than 80cm height, and has to stay still for 2 minutes. The municipal governments include Aizu-wakamatsu city, Da-te city and Iidate etc.. [...]

6,000 Bq/body from a child in Da-te city Fukushima

  According to citizen’s organization for Fukushima effect, 6,000 Bq/body was measured from a child in Da-te city. The child has been living in Da-te city since 311. Da-te city government conducted whole body counter test for children. Also, according to the survey by dosimeter (Glass badge), the annual external dose is up to 5mSv/y [...]

MEXT staff leaked his own WBC data “Thyroid equivalent dose is 5mSv for 8 hours work”

A former MEXT staff (current nuclear regulatory agency staff) leaked his own whole body counter result. <Translate> I measured the ambient radiation level in Fukushima prefecture just after 311. I had the whole body counter check on 3/31/2011. (The result is on the picture) hope to make the best of this for the evaluation of [...]

3,000 Bq/Kg from suits in the summer of 2012, “They’ve been dry-cleaned for several times”

3,000 Bq/Kg of Cs-134/137 was measured from suits. The location is assumed to be in Fukushima. They were worn from 1 week after 311. The owner have dry-cleaned them for several times. A hematological physician Tsubokura in Minamisoma general hospital (23km from Fukushima plant) noticed the radiation level of a hospital staff was unusually high [...]

Fukushima prefectural government stopped urine test for “peer pressure”

On 10/25/2012, Fukushima Diary reported Fukushima prefectural government commented they put higher priority to measure radioactive substance in beef than urine test of humankind. [Link] Urine test is known to be more accurate to measure the internal exposure than WBC. According to the report of Fukushima prefectural government released on11/19/2012, They decided not to conduct [...]

Fukushima government “Radiation test of beef overrides urine test of the children”

The Fukushima Prefectural Government drew up proceedings for a health research panel prior to a formal July 2011 meeting on nuclear radiation, deciding in advance what members should say. (cf. [Mainichi] Fukushima Prefecture prepared proceedings for nuke radiation meeting) In the manual, they made this statement. “Considering the potential spread of WBC (Whole body counter) [...]

A man in Fukushima to be the first to have 1mSv of internal exposure, “higher than even safety limit of gov”

A 64 years old man in Fukushima prefecture turned out to have 1.055 mSv of internal dose, which is higher than even the safety limit of Japanese government (1mSv). It’s integral effective dose for his life span. On 9/11/2012, Hirata chuo Hospital in Hirata village Fukushima announced their internal exposure test result of 8,200 people. [...]

Japanese idol to promote “Support by eating” got seriously dark under-eye circles

Mr. Yamaguchi from Tokio is a Japanese idol to promote “Support by eating”. He had a brief whole body counter check and had 20.47 Bq/Kg of cesium 137 measured.[Link] The new CM of “Support by eating” was published on 10/8/2012. In this TV CM, he looks like he has seriously dark under-eye circles.       [...]

Fukushima hospital imported new WBC equipment, distributer “It can’t measure internal exposure”

  Kuwano kyoritsu hospital in Koriyama city held a press conference on 9/24/2012. The hospital imported equipment to measure internal exposure from USA. It’s 2.3m high, 90cm wide, 60cm depth, weighs 1 ton. They announced it takes only 10 ~ 30 seconds to measure internal exposure, which is faster than usual whole body counter equipment [...]

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