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Natural disasters

Fukushima Daini was submerged

  Following up this article..Possible melt-out in Fukushima Daini Weekly Asahi reported Fukushima Daini was severely damaged by Tsunami and lost its coolant system as well. Tepco related workers state,

Natural disasters

Ware American working at Fukushima plants in 311 ?

( I don’t mean American should not be in Fukushima plants never.) The video below was taken by a nuclear worker with “a cell phone” on 3/11/2011 supposedly. It captures

Natural disasters Spent Fuel Pools

Reactor4 still remains frail for Tsunami

Following up this article..Actual Fukushima worker “In case of the major aftershock, all the reactors will be in crisis” Tepco emphasizes they reinforced reactor4 against earthquake resistance, but actual Fukushima

Natural disasters Sea contamination

Does radiation travel across the sea ?

  <Quote> Tracking Japan’s Tsunami Debris Using historical weather patterns, NOAA’s Earth System Research Laboratory developed this model of how debris will circulate across the Pacific Ocean. Although a year

Effects to be confirmed Natural disasters

Lung cancer from sweeping sludge of Tsunami

Tweets about lung cancer is often observed. They seem to think it’s because of sludge from Tsunami. Currently, there is no study about the connection between radiation with their lung