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Breaking news Natural disasters

M5.6 hit greater Tokyo area / Maximum seismic intensity 5-

At 14:28 of 5/25/2015 (JST), M5.6 occurred in the north of Tokyo, Japan Meteorological Agency reported. The epicenter was in the Northern area of Saitama prefecture. However the highest seismic

Breaking news Misinformation Politics

JP PM Abe “My saying Under-control was only to reassure the world to let Japan host 2020 Olympics”

Following up these article.. Tepco inquired JP Gov about PM Abe’s statement to IOC “Contaminated water is entirely blocked” [URL 1] [Column] How JP Prime Minister Abe lied to IOC

Breaking news Natural disasters

Volcanic island in South of Tokyo increasing volcanic ash

Following up this article.. Expert “New volcanic island may have a massive explosion” [URL]   On 3/26/2015, the Maritime Safety Agency announced the new volcanic island in South of Tokyo keeps

Breaking news Contaminated water crisis Fukushima Plant

Tepco decided to break their promise with Abe to purify all contaminated water by this April

Following up this article.. 4,200,000,000Bq of β and 10,000,000 Bq of γ nuclides leaked from ALPS again / New technology never get into operation [URL]   As Fukushima Diary has been

Breaking news Domestic and global Environment Ecology

Large mammals die in rapid succession in Ueno Zoological Gardens from tumor, heart failure etc..

Polar bear, harbor seal, giraffe and Sumatran tiger have died since last November in Ueno Zoological Gardens. The succession of death started with a polar bear. It was male, died

Breaking news Politics Support by eating

Old-established-cafe in Tokyo “Ginza West” decided to use Fukushima butter

On 9/8/2014, an old-established-cafe “Ginza West (Since 1947)” announced they started using Fukushima butter as of 9/1/2014. They commented “Now that the safety is confirmed based on scientific facts, it would

Breaking news Ecology Food contamination

Mushroom contamination map shows contaminated products mainly consumed in Kanto area

Mushroom contamination map shows contaminated products are mainly distributed and consumed in Kanto area. The map is based on MHLW (Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare) ‘s analysis on 330,000

Breaking news Misinformation Politics

“Worried about living in the disaster area”, 30,000 Tokyo households moved / Same number as Fukushima

30,000 households in Tokyo moved from 311 to 10/1/2013 “being worried about living in the disaster area”, surveyed by Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications. This is the same number as

Breaking news Ecology Food contamination

Charcoal in kettle turned rainbow-colored in Tokyo – Photos

(* This article is reposted due to the server error.)   A Japanese citizen posted on an internet forum that the person’s charcoal put in kettle became rainbow-colored. The charcoal

Breaking news Politics Support by eating

Tokyo supermarket for foreign tourists push significant number of Fukushima products / Labels in Kanji

A supermarket in Tokyo for foreign tourists sell significant number of Fukushima products. It’s TAKEYA located near JR Okachimachi station. Their website reads, it’s the most popular discount store among