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M5.6 hit South part of Ibaraki / Entire Kanto area shaken

M5.6 occurred in South part of Ibaraki at 12:28 9/16/2014 (JST), according to Japan Meteorological Agency. The depth of epicenter was 50km. The entire Kanto area, even a part of

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19 quakes continuously hit Northern part of Tochigi within less than 24 hours

19 séismes dans le nord de Tochigi en moins de 24 heures   Article lié : 6 séismes en 50 mins au Nord de Tochigi après un M5,2 19 séismes

Breaking news Natural disasters

6 quakes hit Northern part of Tochigi within 50 mins after M5.2

M5.2 occurred in North part of Tochigi prefecture at 16:24, 9/3/2014 (JST). 5 aftershocks around M2.6 continuously happened within 50 minutes. The epicenter was the same.   Japan Meteorological Agency

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Expert “New volcanic island may have a massive explosion”

Following up this article.. The new volcanic island erupts more actively / May cause Tsunami if collapsed [URL]   The new volcanic island offshore Tokyo has had one of the

Breaking news Natural disasters

M4.3 South Ibaraki / Reader “Very short, felt like something exploded underground”

An earthquake of M4.3 occurred in Southern part of Ibaraki prefecture at 17:27 of 8/24/2014 (JST), according to Japan Meteorological Agency. The maximum seismic intensity was 3 in Tokyo. One

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The new volcanic island erupts more actively / May cause Tsunami if collapsed

Photo : Taken by the Maritime Safety Agency on 7/23/2014. 3 craters are emitting volcanic fumes.   Following up this article..   New crater appeared on the new volcanic island /

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10 quakes within 10 hours in Izu-ohshima island / Epicenter “Very shallow”

According to Japan Meteorological Agency, 10 earthquakes occurred in Izu-ohshima island only within 10 hours on 7/28/2014. Izu-ohshima island is located approx. 110km in the south of Tokyo.   The

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Volcanic activity increased in Mt. Kusatsu-Shirane / Traffic restriction on National Route 292

Volcanic earthquakes rapidly increased in Mt. Kusatsu-Shirane in Gunma prefecture. It was 4 times on 7/21/2014, but increased to 11 times on 7/22, 50 times on 7/23, and 148 times

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M4.6 hit Hamadori Fukushima / Seismic intensity 4

According to Japan Meteorological Agency, an earthquake of M4.6 hit Hamadori, Fukushima, where Fukushima nuclear plant is located nearby. It occurred at 17:24 7/16/2014 (JST), the depth of epicenter was

Cover-ups Fukushima Plant

Fukushima citizen posted “Tsunami seawall in Fukushima prefecture is only sandbags” – Photo

Photo : Fukushima seawall posted by a local citizen   Related to this article.. Tepco “No abnormality was reported after M6.8″ / No details are announced yet [URL]   On 7/12/2014,