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The latest compliment of US sailor’s lawsuit against Tepco and mission statement

US Navy sailors are attempting to sue Tepco regarding “Operation Tomodachi”. The plaintiff’s lawyer, Paul C. Garner updated Fukushima Diary with the latest complaint (4/1/2013) and the mission statement of Operation Tomodachi. (cf, The US Navy sailors’ complaint refers to Fukushima Diary [URL]) Cooper-filed Complaint41 13 by Mochizuki Cheshire Iori Cooper-operation Tomodachi Revisited Mission Statement by [...]

[Column] Spring calls

The airplane got the engine turned on. I was looking around in the plane, where I boarded almost the first time in my life. My mobile phone rang in my pocket. Stewardess told me to turn it off. It was from my mother. When the plane started moving, it rang again. I had to turn [...]

[Column] 5 most meaningful events of 2012 related to Fukushima accident

1. M7 hit Japan on 1/1/2012 At 14:34 1/1/2012 (JST), M7 hit Japan. [Link] It was scale 3 ~4 in Fukushima. 3 hours later, Tepco confirmed the water level of the skimmer surge tank of SFP4 decreased 5 times faster than before. [Link] Also, the fall-out amount from 1/2 9:00 to 1/4 9:00 went over [...]

[Column] If I were the sailor, I cannot miss these 3 points

8 US navy sailors sued Tepco. This is historical because it’s the first case of Tepco sued outside of Japan to be followed by possible numerous other cases. This could be a huge chance for Japanese victimes too but there are also some points to be careful about. 1. Focus on the negligence of Tepco [...]

The US Navy sailors’ complaint refers to Fukushima Diary

The complaint of the US Navy Sailors was published. (cf, [Bloomberg] Tepco Sued by U.S. Sailors Exposed to Radiation [Link]) The complaint referred to Fukushima Diary with Enenews. On 12/27/2012, Fukushima Diary published the column, “[Column] 3 mysteries about the US Navy sailors’ suing Tepco [Link]“. One of their evidence turned out to be this [...]

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