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[Ajisai] Noda will meet the organizer of Ajisai protest on 8/3/2012

  Noda has got the schedule for Friday night. Having said he would not meet the protestors, he is going to have a talk with the organizers of the Ajisai


[Ajisai] Footage of 7.29 protest

Following up this article..[Ajisai] Protestors broke through police barricade The best video footage of 7.29 protest was uploaded. I really represents the atmosphere of the event.   Iori Mochizuki


[Ajisai] Protest started for national diet

Protestors started demonstrating on the street to national diet. Iori Mochizuki


[Ajisai] Protestors are going to surround National Diet

At 15:30 of 7/29, protesters gathered in Hibiya park in Tokyo. They are going to surround National diet from now. Iori Mochizuki


CEPCO prepares for the restart of Hamaoka nuclear plant by December

CEPCO (Chubu electric power company) is planning to restart Hamaoka nuclear plant by this December. Hamaoka nuclear plant is in Shizuoka prefecture, 200km from Tokyo. 大きな地図で見る They are building the


Tepco plans to restart Fukushima plant reactor5, 6 and Daini

Tepco is planning to restart reactor5, 6 and Daini (12km south to Daiichi). Daini had Level 3 of INES, but still most of the facts are concealed. (cf. Fukushima Daini


[Ajisai Revolution] Photos of the 7/1 protest at Ohi plant

Following up this article..[Ohi] On a rainy day A Japanese photographer, Ms. Fumiko Kawazoe took photos of the protest on 7/1/2012. Copyright belongs to her.            


[Ajisai Revolution] World Wide Protest needs Japanese organizer

Multiple countries are ready to hold anti-nuclear protest connected to Ajisai Revolution in Japan. They are planning to have massive demonstrations from 10/13 ~ 10/14/2012, but they can’t get a


[Ajisai Revolution] Ex-PM Kan advised Noda to meet the organizer of the protest

  Following up this article..[Ajisai Revolution] Ex-PM Hatoyama will join the protest in front of official residence Japanese Ex-prime minister Kan advised Noda, the current Japanese prime minister to meet


[Ajisai Revolution] Photos of the protest on 7/20/2012

Because of the thick cloud, aerial photography was impossible. However, IWJ [Link] took photographs from the car driving around the protest.   ↓ Bicycle vs buses of riot police