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Gas observed near reactor 3

Around 20:30 of 4/16/2012,  gas was observed coming up near reactor 3. ↓ Before gas come up.   ↓ When gas came up.   ↓ After gas came up.  

Spent Fuel Pools

35 tones of refueling machine on fuel storage rack in reactor 3

35 tones of refueling machine was found dropped over the fuel storage rack in reactor3, Tepco announced in their press conference of 4/13/2012. They assume it dropped when reactor 3


Black smoke from reactor 3

On 3/29/2012, black smoke and white gas were observed from between reactor 2 and 3. It happened twice, 10:29~10:43 and 12:47~12:58. No explanation is given by Tepco.       Iori


Scattered fuel of reactor 3

Goddards journal mixed the video of reactor 3 and thermo map. The result shows there are at least 3 heating parts out of the well cap. One of them is


Fire or light at Fukushima plants

From 21:00 ~ 22:00 3/17/2012, something looking like fire was captured by Fukushima live camera. It’s beside reactor 2 or 3. No information is given out.        


Settlement report 3/11~13

Donation (3/11~12) : 560.00 USD Expense : 2.20 USD Rest : 557.80 USD   Donation (3/13) : 33.00 USD Expense : 0.00USD Rest : 33.00USD   I’m afraid that it


Smoke from around reactor 3

At this moment, white gas is being around reactor 3. It seems to fly to near reactor 4 and 2 depending on the direction of wind.       Iori


Tepco abandoned another heating gauge of reactor 2

  Tepco abandoned another heating gauge to judge it’s out of order again. In February, Tepco asserted one of the heating gauges went out of order to indicate increasing temperature


Thick smoke around reactor 3 and 4

Following up this article ..Gone in the smoke JNN caught the scene from the different angle. This is the screen capture of this. You can’t see reactor 3 and 4


There is new MOX in SFP of reactor 3

Reactor 3 is known to be more risky than other reactors because it uses MOX. However, there is un-used MOX in the SFP of reactor as well. In May of