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Fuel storage pool of reactor 3 collapsed most of the part

    Having no-fly zone of Fukushima plants from 20km to 3km, TBS ANN caught Fukushima plants from helicopter. However, they couldn’t find the fuel storage pool of reactor 3.


Massive smoke from between reactor 2 and 3

On 2/28/2012, smoke was observed from between reactor 2 and 3. It was from 10:52 ~ 11:58. The smoke reached over the reactor buildings.   Zoomed.     Comparison of

Spent Fuel Pools

SFP of reactor 3 and reactor 5 are heated as well

Following up this article ..Attention : Reactor 2 is still being heated It’s not only reactor 2, which is being heated. According to the plant parameter data of Tepco, the


Don’t try to fight radiation

  Sorry for the low voice. I didn’t want to wake up the host family. Thank you very much for donation. I’m surprised at receiving them. Probably I can cover

Contaminated water crisis

Cesium leakage keeps increasing

Following up this article ..Radiation emit has increased since January Tepco estimated that the cesium emission of January is 70 million Bq/h, but it increased to be 72 million Bq/h


Thick smog covers reactor 3 and 4

  Since arond 0:00 1/22/2012, thick smog is covering reactor 3 and 4, it makes them invisible. Now it’s snowing, temperature is 0~2 ℃. The reactors are still emitting lots


Breaking news : Possible leakage of skimmer surge tank of reactor 3

Because the SFP of reactor 4 is in crisis, we have paid all of our attention to reactor 4, but the FPC skimmer surge tank level of reactor 3 is