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[Analysis] Why J Gov didn’t evacuate Eastern JP -What Kan possibly was the most afraid of

In Metropolitan area, nearly 40 millions people are living. After 311, Japanese government downplayed Fukushima accident and did not evacuate the 40 million people. Some of the researches show the


[Breaking] JP PM Abe took down the declaration of containment of Fukushima plant made by Noda in 12. 2011

At the Budget Committee of the House of Representatives of 3/13/2013, Japanese Prime Minister Abe took down the declaration of containment of Fukushima accident. It was made by the former


JP PM Abe stated to restart nuclear plants

  In the afternoon of 2/28/2013, Japanese prime minister Abe stated they are going to restart nuclear plants for the stable supply of energy and reduce the cost. It was


[Column] The difference between western and eastern culture I learnt

I’ve been in this western culture for longer than a year 24/7. Not to mention, Europe and North America have so much difference. (and European culture is more like eastern

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[Analysis] Where Japan goes in 2013 -Part1 “Similarity of Japan after 311 and the Soviet Union before Dissolution”

The highest priority of JP Gov is to remain as a “country” What I remember after 311 is that not few people, I was one of them, expected Edano, former

Column Cover-ups Plant hazard Spent Fuel Pools

[Column] 3 misunderstandings of foreign media about this election

Because Japan changed too fast, foreign media misunderstood the points of this election. Correcting the misunderstandings is very important to see what is going to happen. Here I’m going to


Japan to pay US 5 million USD of ex-gratia payment for drift debris

On 11/30/2012, Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced Japanese government is going to pay US 5 million USD of ex-gratia payment for debris drifted to US. Japanese prime minister Noda declared


[Reference] Nobody listens to the speech of JP Ex-PM Kan

(This is not an article, this is a reference. The source is merely a Japanese forum though the pictures are not fake.)   Japan is going to have the next


[Column] The turning point can be expected to the next Spring

Probably this is what Japanese government is thinking, Millions or even more people may die of cancers and any other radiation related symptoms, but none of the connection with Fukushima


Potential Japanese new prime minister Abe declared to restart nuclear plants in Japan

In Yomiuri international economic social gathering held on 11/15/2012, potential next prime minister of Japan Abe from the liberal democratic party stated they are going to restart nuclear plants which