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Confirmed effects

In 311, only Fukushima Medical University staff took potassium iodide tablets

Fukushima Medical University distributed potassium iodide only to their staff, doctors and their family members on 311. From their internal materials, they distributed 3,814 potassium iodide tablets to each department

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Special Rapporteur of Human Rights Council UN “Urine and blood test for internal exposure should be conducted”

On 5/24/2013, advance unedited version of the Special Rapporteur from Human Rights Council UN was released. The Special Rapporteur, Anand Grover visited Japan from 11/15 to 11/26/2012. In this report,

Confirmed effects

7 Fukushima children with thyroid problem may have cancer for 80% of possibility

On 2/13/2013, Fukushima Diary reported additional 2 Fukushima children were diagnosed to have thyroid cancer, and 7 Fukushima children are suspected to have thyroid cancer. (cf, 10 children with thyroid

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2 more under 18s diagnosed as thyroid cancer, 7 more suspected to have cancer in Fukushima, “From before 311”

  From the thyroid test of Fukushima prefectural government, 2 more children were diagnosed to have thyroid cancer. They were under 18 years old in 311. So far, 3 children


[Column] What is Sv, Bq, Cesium, how and why it matters

I’m often asked what is Bq/Kg and what is Sv/h etc.. I’d like to explain it in the most casual way in the world. For example, if I shout from


Cesium-134/137 and iodine-131 were measured fron snow in the winter of 2012

Radioactive material was measured from snow in Hachioji city Tokyo.   Sample : Snow (Taken from the roof of a car) Sampling date : January 2012 Cs-134 : 14.9 Bq/Kg


Cesium and Iodine was measured from nearly 10% of breast milk from March to Sept of 2011

According to mother and children support network *1, Cs-134/137 and Iodine-131 were measured from 29 of 357 breast milk samples taken from March to September of 2011. The locations are

Confirmed effects

3/19/2011 Yamashita, “It’s not serious enough to take iodine tablets”

43.7% of children turned out to have nodules or cysts in Fukushima city [Link] and Fukushima prefectural government is starting to build the research center of anticancer drug with Fukushima

Confirmed effects

Thyroid disease rate spiked to 43.7%, “About 1 in 2 children have nodule or cyst in Fukushima city”

Healthy children are decreasing in Fukushima. 43.7% of children turned out to have nodules or cysts in Fukushima city. Fukushima local government conducted thyroid test for under 18 living in


Tellurium132 reached Chigasaki in March 2011-[OVER SCALE]

Related to this article..Settlement report 6/1 ~ 6/3/2012 Kanagawa prefectural institute of public health published the data of radiation contained in air, tap water, fall out in 2011. The monitoring