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Deformed fish is served at Sushi bar

    Mr. Homma [Twitter], a Japanese fisher in South Chiba talked on a Ustream radio on 6/2/2012.   Video streaming by Ustream He has been fishing offshore of Chiba

Sea contamination

Cesium from tuna fished in west coast of America

On 5/28/2012, researching team of Stanford university published cesium was measured from Bluefin tuna of American west coast on Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States

Sea contamination

18,700 Bq/Kg from fish in Iidate mura

Following up this article..Fukushima local gov is dumping radioactive mud from decontamination to Abukuma river 18,700 Bq/Kg of cesium was measured from trout caught in Niidagawa of Iidate mura, Fukushima


4,500 Bq/Kg from flatfish

  Fisheries agency measured 4,500 Bq/Kg from flatfish, and 1,920 Bq/Kg from rockfish last december. The data is already removed from their website. Also, on 3/21/2012, Prof. Ishimaru from Tokyo


Ibaraki local gov rebelled against JP gov about fishery product safety limit

  Ibaraki local government and Ibaraki fisherman’s union will ban shipping fishery products which they measured more than 50 Bq/kg after April. Currently, Japanese government set the safety limit of

Sea contamination

Worsened situation of Japanese sea food

  Ministry for Food, Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Korea announced contaminated Japanese sea food is increasing. From last April to the end of 2011, they measured cesium from 21

Domestic and global Environment

Tama river fish contaminated

Having the opening season for trout and char fishing in March, each local government is measuring radiation level of fish. As the result, it turned out that fish in Tama


Conjoint fish

Conjoint larval fish of salmon is found in Fukuchi shi Kyoto Mr. Miyamoto Tadao (67) received 50 eggs from environmental symposium of Yura river on 1/7/2012. He raised them with


Fisheries Agency lifted the restriction of bonito fishing only by checking 2 fish

Fisheries Agency allowed them to fish bonito in Fukushima offshore except for 30 km area. The day before they lifted the restriction, they allowed them to fish in 530 km

Sea contamination

Oyster in North Japan grow as double as average

Kesennuma Miyagi, where got the worst damage of Tsunami in 311, restarted oyster farm but the shells grow unusually fast. They reopened the farm last June after having the port