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3 vice presidents of Tepco’s new Fukushima company are from nuclear makers / Mitsubishi, Toshiba, Hitachi GE

  Following up this article.. Tepco to make the inner company organization specialized in Fukushima decommissioning [URL]   3 vice presidents of the new inner company are from the nuclear makers.   Tepco established the inner company organization specialized in Fukushima decommissioning on 4/1/2014. As of the day, this company is to take the initiative [...]

[Column] How guilty each Japanese citizen is about Fukushima accident

Still some people call me a baseless fear monger, but most of my articles are based on the data of Tepco and Japanese government themselves.   If I’m baseless, that means Tepco and the government are baseless.   One of those basis is Tepco’s press conference, but they announced they are going to have the [...]

Tepco “Attached a dosimeter on the top of a pole, moved it by a minitruck to measure 25 Sv/h”

Note : If you are from the international mass media, Don’t read this site before taking a contact with me.     Following up this article.. 25 Sv/h from the damaged stack for reactor1 and 2 / Highest reading outside of the buildings [URL]   Because the ambient dose is too high for a worker [...]

[Column] Tepco and JP Gov’s “blank” plan to decommission Fukushima nuclear plant in 40 years

Why is contaminated water increasing ? That’s because they have to be giving water to the reactors. The fuel is still heated.   The increase of the contaminated water is already beyond their control. It’s leaking to the Pacific, they have to keep building the tanks infinitely, and they are running out of the space. [...]

JP Gov “Reactor5&6 to be reused for contaminated water storage area and simulation for decommissioning reactor1~4″

Following up this article..JP PM Abe requested Tepco to decommission Fukushima reactor5 and 6 [URL]   In the press conference of 9/20/2013, Motegi Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry stated they plan to reuse reactor5&6 for the simulation site to decommission reactor1~4, and also the newly made space would be reused for the contaminated water [...]

JP PM Abe requested Tepco to decommission Fukushima reactor5 and 6

On 9/19/2013, Japanese Prime Minister Abe requested Tepco to decommission reactor5 and 6 in order to concentrate on decommissioning reactor1~4. Tepco states they are going to decide what to do with reactor5 and 6 by the end of this year.   Abe also requested Tepco to set the deadline to treat all the contaminated water. [...]

Former Fukushima worker “Gov’s decommissioning plan is a baseless wishful thinking”

On 6/10/2013, Fukushima Diary reported “Tepco doesn’t plan to build sacrophagus in Fukushima nuclear plant [URL]” In the press conference of 6/10/2013, the staff in charge from Agency for Natural Resources and Energy (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry) commented it’s up to the potential development of research and technology if they can start removing [...]

Former Fukushima Worker, “Skilled workers would go to foreign plants to cause the shortage of Fukushima workers”

Former Fukushima worker Happy11311 showed his concern about the further shortage of Fukushima workers.   <Translate> I think all I could do is to settle Fukushima nuclear plant somehow. But for some drastic change, it’s even impossible to decommission the plant within 40 years. If Japan exports nuclear plant overseas, Japanese engineers and workers would [...]

Former Fukushima worker, “Fukushima decommissioning cost may be beyond 100 trillion yen”

The former Fukushima worker Happy11311 commented on Twitter that the decommissioning cost may be over 100 trillion yen, or can’t even be estimated. <Translate> I still can’t really understand why they estimate it costs 400 billion yen to decommission one reactor of Fukushima nuclear plant. I don’t even know what’s the basis of this estimate. [...]

Tepco to dismantle reactor1 cover to remove the spent fuel assemblies, “4 years to start removing the fuel”

  On 5/9/2013, Tepco announced they are going to dismantle reactor1 cover in mid 2013. Tepco cannot build the sarcophagus on Fukushima nuclear plant due to the spent fuel assemblies. In order to take out the spent fuel assemblies, Tepco needs to remove the debris on the operation floor. They built the reactor1 cover in [...]

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