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All β density constantly increasing outside of the underground wall / Contamination rising from deep underground ?

Related to this article.. Underground wall on the seaside of reactor3 was possibly broken / Groundwater level in sync with ebb and flow [URL]   All β nuclide (including Strontium-90) density in groundwater has been increasing since this December on the seaside of reactor2 and 3. It went up to over 10 times much within [...]

[Column] Summary of Fukushima situation – The difference among contaminated water, groundwater and sea contamination

The contaminated water situation is getting increasingly complicated. I think some people are too busy to follow up. Here I’d like to summarize the situation short so you can read it before the next metro station. ■ The difference among contaminated water, groundwater and sea contamination. 1. Contaminated water Contaminated water comes from the coolant [...]

[Column] Even if the entire world was contaminated

Some of the readers say Fukushima DIary reports too much bad news, should feature more good news to take balance. I think that’s true in a sense. However, nobody dies by missing good news. They may die if they are not informed of bad news. but it doesn’t mean Fukushima Diary pushes despair. Recently some [...]

Reality in Fukushima 3

Following up this article..[Video] Reality in Fukushima 2 6/2/2012, contamination level of elementary and junior high school was measured in Koriyama Fukushima. The dosimeter calculates Bq/cm2. It is converted to Bq/m2 by multiplied by 10^4. It is the total of cesium 134 and 137. For reference, according to the report of IAEA, it was less [...]

Nature:The total amounts of radioactively contaminated materials in forests in Fukushima, Japan

<Quote> [Link]     srep00416   <End>     Iori Mochizuki

107.2 Bq/kg of cesium from Fukushima pork

  107.2 Bq/Kg of cesium was measured from pork of pig farmer in Koriyama city Fukushima. According to Ministry of agriculture, forestry and fisheries, this is the first time to detect cesium from pork. It’s not distributed to the market, Koriyama city ordered to abandon the pork. Source       Iori Mochizuki

Japanese not allowed to get on a bus on the grounds that “people from Tokyo are contaminated”

<Quote> [Link] By KAMOME FUJIMORI / Staff Writer Tokyo’s 2020 Olympic bid organizers were hoping that the international community would rally around the bid in a show of solidarity as the nation rebuilds after the events of March 11, 2011. It now seems, however, that it may have been a flawed strategy to play the [...]

Radioactive sewage sludge and incinerated ash stocked 100,000 tones in 12 prefectures

At the moment of 2/3/2012, in 12 prefectures, radioactive contaminated sewage sludge and incinerated ash are 97,000 tones, which is 360 % of the amount of last July. Fukushima 30,000 tones (↑ 25,220 tones since July) Miyagi 22,000 tones (↑ 19,900 tones since July) Kanagawa 19,000 tones (↑ 14,690 tones since July) Saitama 9,500 tones [...]

Tama river fish contaminated

Having the opening season for trout and char fishing in March, each local government is measuring radiation level of fish. As the result, it turned out that fish in Tama river, Sagami river, and other major rivers in Kanto area are contaminated. Highlights   Iwate Satetsu river (Japanese dace) 240 Bq/Kg Yasaku river (Japanese dace) [...]

“the effect on abundance is worse in the Japanese disaster zone.”

Quote from The independent. Source   Bird numbers plummet around stricken Fukushima plant Researchers working around Japan’s disabled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant say bird populations there have begun to dwindle, in what may be a chilling harbinger of the impact of radioactive fallout on local life. In the first major study of the impact of [...]

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