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127 Fukushima children diagnosed malignant or possible malignant thyroid tumor / Inspector Suzuki resigned

Following up this article.. Child diagnosed “no abnormality” found thyroid cancer in Fukushima [URL]   5/18/2015, Fukushima prefectural government announced they found malignant or possible malignant thyroid tumor from 127 children

Breaking news Confirmed effects Health

Malignant and possible malignant thyroid tumor in Fukushima children became “104”

Photo : A photomicrograph of papillary cancer [Wikipedia]   Malignant and possible malignant thyroid tumor cases increased from 90 to 104, according to Fukushima prefectural government. This is the test result

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Children swimming in the sea of Fukushima – Video

Following up this article..   Tepco discharged the largest volume of bypass contaminated water / 700 million Bq of Tritium to the Pacific [URL]   In the morning of 8/5/2014,

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[Photo] Children’s hands in Tokyo also have rash like chilblains as Fukushima decontamination volunteer’s hand

Following up this article.. [Photo] Fukushima decontamination volunteer “Blood suddenly splashes out of skin quite often. This is the reality.” [URL]   A Japanese citizen posted on Twitter that some


[Photo] Fukushima children play in indoor sandbox

    Children in Motomiya city Fukushima play in indoor sandbox. An assembly member of the Japanese communist party posted on Twitter the picture of actually playing children in the


Students of a Tokyo elementary school enjoyed rice planting directly in mud to consume by themselves

    An elementary school in Mizuho town Tokyo had a rice planting class on 6/13/2014. It’s a curriculum to “learn about our food”. 60 students of 10 ~ 12

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Cesium-134/137 measured from 37% of infants’ excrement in Kanto ~ Tohoku district in 2011

From the research of a citizen’s radiation monitoring station, Cesium-134/137 were detected from used diapers of 37 of 100 infants. Those infants are from 7 prefectures of North ~ Kanto

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Fukushima prefectural assembly “Myelocytic leukemia rate was higher than thyroid cancer among Chernobyl children”

Furuichi, a member of Fukushima prefectural assembly commented on Twitter that thyroid cancer wasn’t the most frequently observed disease among Chernobyl children. In July of 2012, he tweeted that myelocytic

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Fukushima elementary school infirmary reported in summer of 2011 “Unusual number of children had nosebleed”

  A Fukushima citizen posted on twitter that an elementary school infirmary reported that unusual number of children had nosebleed in 2011.   The citizen was a mother of 8

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TV personality enjoyed manual rice planting with 9 ~ 10 y.o students in Fukushima / 60km from Fukushima nuclear plant

  On 5/23/2014, a TV personality Ohmomo Miyoko performed rice planting with 80 children to fight harmful rumor. It was in Yabuki machi, where is only 60km from Fukushima nuclear