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Tepco paid compensation for the man to have his wife return to Europe

The man in Sendai city Miyagi was claiming for damage for his wife evacuating to her home country in Europe. The Dispute Resolution Mediators partially terminated the Dispute Resolution Procedures

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[Express] Fukushima worker “(If 311 happens again) We’d break through the gate with contaminated car and run”

Actual Fukushima worker Happy11311 commented on twitter liket this, オイラ達作業員は、時々みんなで飲み会があるんだけど、その時にオイラがみんなに質問する事があるんだ。それは「もし、3.11みたいな地震が作業中に来たらどうする?」って、そしたら約8割の人が「そのまま汚染車で正門突破して、ひたすら逃げる」って答えだったでし。 — ハッピーさん (@Happy11311) 12月 8, 2012 <Translate> We Fukushima workers sometimes have drink together. I give them the question, “If

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[Column] 5 Lessons learnt from M7.3 of 12/7/2012

M7.3 and the series of aftershocks hit coastal area of North Japan. According to Japan meteorological agency, it was not the end, it hasn’t even begun yet. They expect M8.0


Mt. Fuji was given adequate pressure to erupt after 311

  311 may have caused the eruption of Mt. Fuji though it may happen in the future. 311 and the aftershock of 3/15/2011 (M6.4) gave pressure to Mt. Fuji, which

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Settlement report 6/5 ~ 6/6/2012 – beginning

    I was living alone before 311, but I didn’t cook by myself. Because the gas and electricity were too expensive in my area, buying food at supermarket was