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JP Gov to quit radiation test on 20 kinds of food / Checking beef farmer only once a year

On 3/20/2015, MHLW (Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare) announced they are going to stop radiation test on 20 sorts of food including Japanese apricot and tea. The new rule

Breaking news Misinformation Politics

Tepco “We are going to disclose ALL the contamination data from now on”

On 3/6/2015, Tepco announced their new disclosure policy on contamination data. According to their new policy, Tepco is supposed to publish all the radiation data of water and dust that

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Dr. C Busby talked about supplement scandal and contamination situation to Fukushima Diary

On 3/6/2015, Fukushima Diary visited Dr. Chris Busby’s office in Riga and spent almost a whole day to have a talk. We talked about all kinds of things from ocean

Breaking news Politics Support by eating

All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd. to make passengers support Fukushima by eating

On 2/13/2015, ANA (All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd.) announced they are going to serve ingredients produced in Fukushima. This is their marketing project to feature local food of all around

Breaking news Misinformation Politics

Japanese media reports IAEA urged to dump contaminated water into ocean but no such statement made in real

Japanese media is misleading the Japanese citizens to accept the discharge of contaminated water to the Pacific as a request of an international organization.   On 2/17/2015, IAEA (International Atomic

Breaking news Misinformation Politics

JP PM Abe “It is not proper to say Fukushima is settled”

The Prime Minister of Japan, Abe commented Fukushima is not settled. This is the statement made in the Budget Committee of the House of Representatives on 1/30/2015.   Abe stated variety of

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Chrome warns “Your connection is not private” when to download Fukushima thyroid test result

Following up this article.. Child diagnosed “no abnormality” found thyroid cancer in Fukushima [URL]   The internet browser “Chrome” warns when to access the thyroid test page of Fukushima prefectural

Breaking news Export from Japan Politics

JP export of agricultural products in 2014 grew to highest since 1955 / The second largest importer is USA

On 2/10/2015, MAFF (the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries) announced the export value of Japanese agricultural products grew to the highest since they started taking the statistics in 1955.

Breaking news Misinformation Politics

Dosimeter of Fukushima citizen counts 40% lower than actual, Maker admits

On 1/28/2015, “CHIYODA TECHNOL CORPORATION [URL]” announced on their website that their dosimeter shows cumulative exposure dose lower than actual air dose rate by 30 〜 40%. Fukushima citizens are

Breaking news Misinformation Politics

Tepco received 36th financial support of 78.3 billion yen

On 1/22/2015, Tepco announced they received 78.3 billion yen (7,830,000,000 JPY) from the Nuclear Damage Compensation and Decommissioning Facilitation Corporation. This is the 36th time to receive financial support. In total,