For our non-Japanese readers who may not be familiar with the term “Kawaii” see the following definition from the Wikipedia:

Kawaii is the quality of cuteness, especially in the context of Japanese culture. Kawaisa (可愛さ?) (literally, “lovability”, “cuteness” or “adorableness”), has become a prominent aspect of Japanese popular culture, entertainment, clothing, food, toys, personal appearance, behavior, and mannerisms. The adjective is kawaii (可愛い?) (literally, “lovable”, “cute”, or “adorable”).

The words “kawaisa” and “kawaii” have the root word “kawai” which is formed from the kanji “ka” (可), meaning “acceptable”, and “ai” (愛), meaning “love”. The term kawaii has taken on the secondary meanings of “cool,” “groovy,” “acceptable,” “desirable,” “charming” “non-threatening”. SOURCE

Think of the following cuteness as a warm moment of relief from the intensely negative news on this site.










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57 Responses to “Kawaii”

  1. jim wilson says:

    Do you mean Hawaii?

    • Mochizuki says:

      haha no, it means cute in Japanese. will post random things for my interest, If you are not interested in, please just ignore here.

      • Kate says:

        I was looking for news from Fukushima and I just found this site, it’s cute but I still worry about you Mr. Mochizuki – there’s no news since 3 days… What happened to you? Are you all right?

  2. Pam (Dallas, TX, USA) says:

    Great idea Mochizuki… gives you and I a bit of calm after reading the articles here.

    Is Hawaii a Japanese word? just curious. The two words are so similar.

  3. BanzaiMike says:

    The word Hawaii is of Hawaiian origin. The Hawaiian language is part of the larger family of languages called Austronesian. The closest language to Hawaiian is Tahitian.
    -Courtesy of WikiAnswers.

    Thank you for your hard work on this web site, It is part of my daily reading.

  4. MaryW says:

    Nika, This link might work better. Please only post one.
    This is a sit back, relax and enjoy moment :)


  5. MaryW says:

    Recorded live on August 15, 2011 5:45 AM CST


  6. MaryW says:

    Just a comment: It be nice to be able to post some videos here, but I am having no luck. Seems only the link to the video appears, not video itself. Thought viewers may appreciate a video over a link :)

  7. Susanne says:

    Hi Iori-san,
    It s maybe not kawaii, but worth reading, a story about nuclear power:

    “The Power Story” by Hanamaru Fujii- a Tokyo based graphic designer.

    English http://www.archive.org/stream/ThePowerStory/powerstory#page/n0/mode/2up

    German http://ia700801.us.archive.org/30/items/DiePowerStoryByHanamaruFujii/powerstory_german.pdf.

  8. cgrl says:

    you should come visit Kauai ;) Actually tour Hawaii and speak to people here. many don’t pay attention at all, or are only concerned about the debris arriving here, but many have family in Japan….

  9. Orange says:

    Dont give up fighting
    We are continuing to think about people in Fukushima and Japan. Hoping that it CAN get better and not worse there.
    As you Know in France tokay everything Turn around the élections and the economical crisis in Europe.
    Try in germany, they are more ecologic’thinking and havé nô élections currently
    Take care
    We send you our kisses and wishes…

  10. monk says:

    good stuff after reading

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    Sending to contacts …

  12. Diana says:

    Dear Mochizuki,

    you’re doing a great job. keep collecting all these news/ events. they all say the same thing and are signs that something is deeply wrong…

    though I must admit that what happened in Japan is not a simple situation to handle – not for the government, not for the people living in directly affected areas, not for Japanese people (or the world)…

    but for sure, the government’s strategy to lie in everybody’s face, is not the best way to handle it. and I think that that is your main struggle… “the situation is not an easy one, but stop lying”. by having this website, you make the world see that this is happening and if people are available to see it, they can see it in the facts you collect. and perhaps then, we can do something about it…

    congratulations, keep fighting the good fight

    Diana, writing to you from Lisboa (Portugal)

    • Steve Moyer says:

      Truthfulness is a virtue. Japan needs to tell the truth about the accident and the contamination. That’s the proper start point. Japan also needs to ask for more international assistance.

  13. MaryW says:

    LIVE! Bird Cam

    - Great Blue Heron Nest-mother, father and 5 eggs; mother has been attacked by a Great Horned Owl several times but all is well so far. The male often brings the female a branch or stick for the nest.

  14. John Church says:

    Thank you Mr Mochizuki for dedicating your life for us all. In this modern world too many people do not think to see past themselves to our future as a race. Your efforts are surely helping reduce the continued effects of this disaster. I pray in the black days ahead, these governments will realize they are made from people. Truth is Kawaii.

  15. ali wehrlie says:


  16. realself says:


    I have started a petition to the President to intervene in Fukushima crisis. Also I sign other petitions of similare intent. I honor you and thank you for the work you do, you are saving lives. We do not know what to do here, it’s a crisis and no one notices – I have only 35 signers to petition and most are from other countries (I am in US). I post to Facebook and Twitter much information but very few will read, even less act. What do we do? Please give ideas. Very strange, seeing everyone insentient to this. I will not give up.
    Good luck to you, Iori

    • Chris says:

      Yes, we are in a deep phase of inertia and dont know how to come out of it. Orientation lost, falsehood on any side of us; maybe your name is suggesting the solution ? Refinding the Realself…

  17. orm girvan says:

    Japan is about to be nuked again. http://www.veteranstoday.com/ Intel report by Gordon Duff.

  18. Michael Voss - says:

    So I noticed you don’t approve comments that you dont like…
    Just as I am sure that you wont approve this one

    Any comment that you disagree with, or you dont want people to see, you just disapprove it.

    So how the fuck are you any different from Tepco or the Japanese Government?!?!

    You’re not.

    Youre just another dirty fucking Jap who is selling his own brand of bullshit to the world.

    Go fuck yourself you goddamn useless prick.

    Join your many brothers and sisters by jumping in front of a train you tepco-loving loser.


    • Intel Agent says:


    • jeff says:

      How sad it is Mr. voss, if I may be formal, since we have never met, that you feel a need to publicly exercise your demons and lash out at a man who obviously is loved and works very hard to be upright and honest. in fact, he shared this new idea to all of us, of love, and acceptability, combined, as kawaii. I hope one day, you will return here, and publicly apologize to Mr. Mochizuki. he does not deserve your racial epitaphs, or scorn. I also hope that one day, you find peace, with yourself, and understand that those working to make a better world, are not filled with anger, but compassion, and love. I trust you are doing good things, Mr. Voss, but anger will always be a block to your progress. Take a closer look at yourself, before lashing out at others. It was not Japan, that caused this accident, so much as America, because we promoted atomic energy, nuclear power, and it is our system of competitiveness, that feeds the need to run factories day and night, to produce the goods and services that are sold, at profit, for the sake of feeding nations. General Electric gets the tax breaks, partners with Japan, Lithuania, France, Poland, and Germany, to build things, that break, that have waste, that are dangerous. The truth is difficult to digest, Mr. Voss. We bombed Japan’s cities because of retaliation, and because we could, but not because of love, cuteness, or any real human strength. We did those things out of fear. One day, nations will no longer fear each other, and people will strive to live in peace, and we will finally learn that two wrongs do not make a right. I do remember Pearl Harbor, but I don’t think that was an excuse to do what we did. I don’t think nuclear power is an answer to our human problems, either. One day, Mr. Voss, you will understand, and when that day comes, you will be a great leader, and a great educator. I hope you can see my point, and find peace.

    • Ellie says:

      It is difficult for all of us to come to terms with Japans dangerous nuclear events. In time, we will all realize the local and worldwide impact of the Daiichi events. The truth comes out in the wash. Detraction and denial won’t change a thing. Thank you Iori, for providing a forum in which discerning minds can attempt to grasp the magnitude of the the difficult times in which we live.

    • Trollhunter says:

      Oh look another troll. Never mind. Maybe Michael Voss Troll has a personality disorder, which you can’t help unfortunately.
      The essential thing to always bear in mind about trolls is that they only post these things because they feel their lives have no meaning and want others to feel the same, to get a reaction. There there, it’s okay, Michael Voss. Somebody loves you. A big hug from the Trollhunter!!!

  19. Amber says:

    Micheal Voss, you are a disgusting human being

  20. TechDud says:

    @Michael Voss – Your Doctor phoned; he is concerned that you may not be taking your medication as instructed. :)

  21. Michael says:

    Michael Voss lost his way and is seeking help here. This is a type of therapy for him, once he get’s it off his chest he can stop pounding on himself.

  22. Trond Starefoss says:

    It was abnormally high levels of radiation from Shirakawa yesterday .. Have you heard anything more from the city?? Suddenly it disappeared .. Strange .. Greetings from Bergen, Norway ..

  23. nito n ann says:

    You are loved our dear one sharing your great family in such pain and all the power we are to share in this world is yours at this moment, 4 without this love we all share for our creation, can only come from something other than love itself and past this you will find the truth and in the truth you will gather in the One name of life in this world to fall down to share in all of the Power of Peace Love and the complete Grace of all existence. Let no one take even one word of this power being offered to you no matter what the other says about you and those who love you for your heart is true and in this we will all find each other in the days to come. Hold to this truth now and in the next six months and we will gather in the perfect garden of life to remain in a world being made perfect for the One Truth of all life and know that we are here to help eachother LIVE now without fear of this world knowing that which holds everything together is with us all for the asking.

  24. Intel Agent says:

    Fighting radiation zombies/kawaii?

  25. Isaac Sojourner says:

    Dear FD

    Mochizuki san,

    First off, Thank you for all the work you have been doing for the last year plus, since this triple nightmare begun, I have been watching your site closely, so have others…. and that IS a very good thing. I must say, I wish I could donate to your cause but as you know as well as others all around this globe, times are way tough. So it comes with a heavy heart that I must pass this info onto you, about what I knew was coming in ALL our nearest futures…. since the tepco clowns didn’t do what they were supposed (bury those plants) to do early on, we are all in danger on this once beautiful planet!
    Rense.com follows your work just as much as I do, (he has a great web site too by the way!) but he posts your stuff on his site almost daily (which you may or may not know) but anyway he posted this yesterday, if you have not read you should, trust me when I say it’s not good, but anyone with half a brain should have seen this coming. Here is the post http://www.enviroreporter.com/2012/08/no-place-to-hide-fukushima-fallout-findings-widespread/ I just wanted to pass this on to you and your readers if you had not seen it yet.
    Japanese people are/have been in danger from this “accident” and I tried while I was living there to tell family and friends living in Tokyo that what I called “my second home” had been destroyed, well here is the proof, and as we all know it’s still ongoing…. please pass the word if you can. Thank you. aiishiteru Mochizuki san, take care, be safe, be well. If that’s even possible anymore.
    Feel free to repost this, as is, if you like, but PLEASE repost Arigato

    Much love,



  26. David Gruen says:

    Dear Mochizuki,

    how can I come into contact with you?

    I want to send you a PDF document regarding Fukushima, but do not want it to be published, but I want to let you know about it. How do I do this? Please let me know.

    Best regards from Europe

    David Gruen

  27. Hisako Kitahara says:

    Hello. Thank y’all for care for all of us. Iori-san, I appreciate for you provide us the real time updates here.
    I live in Tokyo, Japan with being very ill at ease concerning about my young neices.
    When I look up the sky here, I see the lines and stripes almost always.
    Sometimes, it looks like devided as blocks with blue(sky) and white thing.
    People talk about it as “wow…look at that. It’s beautiful”….
    Have we seen that before? I don’t think so….I recognized that in this summer. It’s weired. I’ve been wondering and feeling bad about it with my hunch.
    I have nobody to talk or ask about it but I could see what caused it in earlier posted article by Isaac. http://www.enviroreporter.com/2012/08/no-place-to-hide-fukushima-fallout-findings-widespread/ (page.4)
    The poison fall down to us, plants, ocean and everything on the earth.
    I want the people who say “it’s beautiful in the sky” realized what it is.
    Then, be careful to protect own/family’s health…as much as possible.

    I know that we are living in the super dangerous. I need more information about anything good/protectable/medication for youth people…..Could you tell me, somebody….?
    Warmest regards,

  28. Hisako Kitahara says:

    thank you, danielle.

  29. Paul-Andre says:

    I cannot donate using the website since I don’t have paypal.
    Is there another way to donate.

  30. LeRoy Matthews says:

    I’m Vajrasattva – (BLUE).
    I believe that you are in GRAVE DANGER!
    The Reactor is UNSTABLE- I don’t believe
    that you (or WE) can control it.
    I don’t believe that the Permafrost-Ice Wall In A Year,
    or any other plan, will work.



  31. Lisa Porter Pineau says:

    When home becomes dangerous, you cannot leave easily, if at all. So my heart and soul cry out for wisdom of government leadership. International friends, bring Japanese young ones out of Japan’s affected area for extended visit! Just an idea!

  32. LeRoy Matthews says:

    As far as I can tell, it’s too late …

    The Pacific Ring of Fire is apparently becoming
    more & more & more active,
    Sakurajima has been erupting violently for some time,
    Man-yi’s striking,
    “Scientists” have drilled holes in Tamu Massif,
    the “leaders” of Japan are planning to Steal More “taxes” from the people while babbling about how they Have to do that so that they can help Japan’s economy to Recover,
    & they’re babbling about “cleaning up” Fukushima,
    but they haven’t turned the last operating reactor off yet ….

    &, let’s not forget- Japan has to get ready for the 2020 Olympics …
    yeah right !

  33. Bill LaChenal says:

    I very much admire the work you are doing there.

    Could we have a picture of a mouse in the 可愛 kawaii section?
    I found http://img01.hamazo.tv/usr/tonoken/nezumi.jpg
    maybe you could do better?

    Best wishes,
    Bill LaChenal (London)

  34. Joseph Cek says:

    Dear Friend, Thank you for your support in the truth. Can you write about the massive star fish deaths along the coast of N.America, from California to BC, to Alaska … we believe it is from the contaminated waters that were carried by ocean currents from Fukushima and beyond. A similar incident is occuring on the East coast of U.S., after the BP oil spill, where the “loop current” of the Gulf of Mexico is bringing these contaminated waters up the eastern coast of US

  35. Joseph Cek says:

    The starfish in BC and California are “melting”, and their limbs are falling off. Biologists call it a “mysterious” strange disease…but those who are awake know what is causing this.

  36. Dud says:

    No kawaii since November ????
    That must be corrected, immediately!

    http : //cuteoverload.com/2013/12/11/top-ten-cutest-photos-of-2013/

    A humble bow to you, Mochizuki-san. :)

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