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[Anon leaks] NRC “SFP4 crisis may happen at US nuclear plants too”

Following up this article..Anonymous leaked IAEA, NRC and RC material about Fukushima On NRC’s report “Lessons Learned from Japan’s March 11 2011 Earthquake and Tsunami (SECY-11-0137) [Link]” they expressed the concern about the equipment at US nuclear plants, which may cause the similar type of crisis as SFP4 of Fukushima.   POLICY ISSUE NOTATION VOTE [...]

0.92 microSv/h from St.Louis

They are concerned that plume flies from Japan to America. Though it is not sure that it’s from Japan, they measured 3.7 times higher level of radiation from snow in St. Louis than usual on 2/13/2012.     The person who posted this video commented like this below.. Count returning between 74cpm and 110cpm.. normal [...]

0.36 microSv/h from snowfall in Saint Louis

Following up this article ..0.27 microSv/h from snow in Saint Louis 0.36 microSv/h (42.9 CPM) was measured from snowfall in Saint Louis on 1/13/2012. Also, back in 6/28/2011, they measured 0.47 microSv/h from the ground in Kansas city. Iori Mochizuki  

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