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Japanese journalist suffers from severe diarrhea after visiting Fukushima plant

Following up this article ..[LIVE] Inside of Fukushima plants (1,500 microSv/h in the bus) A Japanese journalist, Iwakami Yasumi has been suffering from severe diarrhea since he visited Fukushima Plants. He tweeted like this below 岩上安身 ‏ @iwakamiyasumi この3日、体調がすぐれず、特に昨日、今日と、かなり手強い下痢と腹痛。病院に行ったら、虫垂炎と診断されました。過労で免役力が低下したためだろうと。腹膜炎はまだ起こしていないので、入院、開腹手術の必要性は今はないが、自宅で安静にしつつ、絶食を火曜日まで続けること、と言い渡されました。Source <Translation> I’ve been sick these 3 days. Especially yesterday and today, I suffer from severe diarrhea [...]

Message from a reader, “I have some serious thyroid problems”

A couple of FD reader nicely sent me a message. The wife is from Romania and her husband is from Japan. They evacuated Japan on 12/15/2011, when is the next day I left Japan as well. However, the wife got thyroid problems. She has actually gone through Chernobyl. Was it too late to evacuate ? [...]

“Can’t see anything.”

A Japanese actor, Chii Takeo (69) was hospitalized. Now he’s having a complete checkup. He hasn’t had any major disease but he suddenly claimed “I can’t see anything.” They say the condition is not very good. He was on the TV show “Chii sanpo” to walk about in the downtown areas in Tokyo. When he [...]

Tokyo marked the largest death number in its history

  Following up this article ..Crematorium is overbooked in Kanagawa In the article to say the birth number keeps increasing for 5 years in Tokyo, Yomiuri newspaper also reported that the most people died in 2011 in its history. The reason and any details are not explained. Number of death 2010 : 98,304 2011 : [...]

Thyroid pandemic

Following up this article ..26 of 3765 children had thyroid tumor The result shows more 1091 children had tumor, which is smaller than 5.0mm. In total, 1143 of 3765 (30.36%) had thyroid tumor. Is this rate normal ? The chairman of Exploratory Committee ,Yamashita Shunichi (Mr.100mSv) asserts,  it is all benignity for some reason. Tajiri [...]

Influenza pandemic in hot spot

25 patients and 32 medical staff had influenza at Toride kitasoma medical center. 2 of them (90s) died. It was influenza type B. They had the symptoms from 1/20~1/28/2012. One of the dead people had vaccination. She died of aspiration pneumonitis on 1/26/2012. The other one is male, died of cardiac arrest on 1/25/2012 despite [...]

26 of 3765 children had thyroid tumor

  Fukushima government announced they found thyroid tumor from 26 children out of 3765 children living in Namiemachi, Iidatemura, and Kawamatamachi Yamakiya chiku. However, they assert they are all benignity, there is no symptom to become malignity because of Fukushima accident, based on the view of Exploratory Committee. The chairman of Exploratory Committee is Yamashita [...]

Fukushima citizen “My hands are full of corns.”

Some Fukushima citizens tweet about their skin problems too.   @petsboobee ☆junjun母子疎開計画中☆ 高知にいった時もそうだけど福島県を離れると戻るのがすんごくしんどい。私の手。魚の目の芯見たいのが無数にできていて気持ち悪い。犬シャンプーする時に被毛についている放射線大量に触ってるんだろうな。Source  <Translation> Like when I went to Kochi in Shikoku, it’s hard to come back to Fukushima once I get away. My hand is full of something like the core of corns, looks gross. Probably it’s from the hot particles attached to the [...]

Lung cancer from sweeping sludge of Tsunami

Tweets about lung cancer is often observed. They seem to think it’s because of sludge from Tsunami. Currently, there is no study about the connection between radiation with their lung cancer.   @deeeeez でええ 津波後のヘドロ掃除のせいで肺の病気になったみたいと言っていた石巻市内の友人が肺がんと診断された。初期だけど転移も見られると。なんだか打ちのめされる・・・初期なので心配ないとは思うけど、ヘドロと格闘した友人はたくさんいる・・・。もし原因がそれだとしたらと暗澹たる気持ちに・・・Source   <Translate> My friend from Ishinomaki used to tell he seemed to have gotten a lung disease after sweeping sludge [...]

Crematorium is overbooked in Kanagawa

A Japanese citizen living in Kanagawa tweeted crematorium in her area is overbooked because of too much death.   @ma_chako まちゃこ 「神奈川県に住む知り合いが亡くなった。しかし葬儀が10日後だと言うので不思議に思って聞いたら、火葬場が混んでいて、ダビに出来ない」と言う。死因は心筋梗塞による突然死。先週も神奈川県の友人が突然死した。葬儀社に問い合わせたら今は死者が多く火葬場が混んでいて一週間以上待たされるという Source <Translation> One of my friends in Kanagawa died, but the funeral is in no less than 10 days from now. I wondered why. The family say, the crematorium is too full, can’t cremate him [...]

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