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Possible black substance in Tokyo

HCR reported possible black substance in Tokyo. It was found in a park in Ayase Adachiku Tokyo.   @HCR_OPCOM 【黒い粉】東京都内も酷い汚染。足立区綾瀬の公園、学校周辺、最高地点で3.829μSv/hr。2μSv/hrを超える箇所も多数。… — kat3 (@kat3_x) March 21, 2012   <Translate> [Black substance] It’s severely contaminated in Tokyo too. Around in the park and school of Ayase Adachiku Tokyo, maximum reading was 3.829μSv/hr. In a lot of places, [...]

217 Bq/Kg from cigarette

JT, JAPAN TOBACCO INC. is going to apply the Japanese safety limit of vegetables, which are 500Bq/kg for cesium 134 + 137, and 2000Bq/Kg for Iodine 131. Though they don’t purchase from Fukushima because they didn’t produce in 2011, JT purchases tabacco from Ibaraki, Tochigi, Chiba and Shizuoka. They finished radiation measurement last September, the highest [...]

Naha Okinawa is generally going to accept radioactive debris

Following up this article..Okinawa will accept radioactive debris Mr. Onaga, Naha city mayor announced that we are generally going to accept radioactive debris. To convince the citizens, he’s going to ask Japanese government for the support of radiation contamination and chloride attack of incineration facility with Mr. Nakaima, Okinawa governor. Onaga mayor explained that he’s [...]

A Fukushima citizen proved monitoring post was manipulated

Following up this article..Monitoring post manipulated Mr. Ito Nobuyoshi, a Fukushima farmer compared the radiation level of a monitoring post to the one of a different place, and found a recognizable gap of the radiation level. Because those 2 places are only 5 m away from each other, this proves the monitoring post was “decontaminated” [...]

Fall-out is increasing in Fukushima again

  Fall-out level in Fukushima has started increasing again. It has been under 10 MBq/Km2 or ND, but on 3/12/2012, it became as double as before. 3/11/2012 9:00 ~ 3/12/2012 9:00 Cesium 134 : 9.95 MBq/km2 Cesium 137 : 17.8 MBq/km2   3/12/2012 9:00 ~ 3/13/2012 9:00 Cesium 134 : 20.0 MBq/km2 (↑210%) Cesium 137 [...]

Black substance coming down to Tokyo area

Following up this article..Black substance mass generated The black substance found in Nasu Service area Tochigi as well.   大きな地図で見る   It’s coming down to South as it’s mass generated. (12.37μSv/h) HCR reported it.         Iori Mochizuki

3,000,000 Bq/m2 of cesium from the dam in Fukushima

  Following up this article..Fukushima local gov is dumping radioactive mud from decontamination to Abukuma river Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology found out high level of cesium is concentrated in the bottom of the lake called Horai dam. This dam is to generate electricity, located in Nihonmatsu (60km North west to Fukushima [...]

Alpha nuclide on the street gutter

Following up this article..Black substance mass generated Though you can’t see the black substance, Mr. Oyama koichi measured alpha nuclide from the cover of the street gutter in Iwaki shi. (Alpha ray survey meter TCS-232) From this video, you can’t tell the alpha ray level, but they measured it without a sheet of paper. They [...]

Evacuating person to Okinawa had urine test positive

  The person who evacuated from Tokyo to Okinawa in October had cesium measured from urine test.(3/7/2012)   @irukatodouro @potts_lady 内部被ばく尿検査結果報告(理研)-小学生二児不検出→検出限界I131,Cs134,Cs137, 0.06Bq/kg。私母親検出しました(T_T)→Cs134:0.10 Bq/kgCs137:0.13 Bq/kg(続く→ — ansan (@ansan9) March 10, 2012   続き)→、(Cs134:0.10 Bq/kgCs137:0.13 Bq/kg、I131:不検出)でした。東京から5月連休と夏休みは沖縄に保養。のち、東京から10月1日沖縄に母子避難セシウムは100日で排出されると聞きましたが、沖縄に来て150日余り。私にセシウムが残ってい — ansan (@ansan9) March 10, 2012   <Translation> Had a urine test at Riken Analysis Center. 2 children in elementary school got [...]

Volcanism in Japan has become active

  Following up this article..Warning about pyroclastic flow from Sakurajima In the afternoon of 3/12/2012, Mt. Sakurajima erupted, the explosive eruptions have blown volcanic rocks over the 2.4 area. According to Kagoshima local meteorological observatory, the crater called Showa kako in Sakurajima had an explosive eruption at 15:07 3/12/2012, they enhanced the evacuating zone to [...]

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