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Troll rejected by Tokushima prefecture with the perfect answer

For the troll to push radioactive debris, Tokushima prefectural government replied the the perfect answer. Man (60) scared of radiation ? No, it’s ignorance to threaten you. “Let’s support North Japan” was just an empty word ? Only 5% of the debris has been processed. It’s because all the Japanese citizens except for Tokyo and [...]

Ibaraki local gov rebelled against JP gov about fishery product safety limit

  Ibaraki local government and Ibaraki fisherman’s union will ban shipping fishery products which they measured more than 50 Bq/kg after April. Currently, Japanese government set the safety limit of fishery products to be 500Bq/kg. After April, it will be decreased to be 100 Bq/Kg. However, Ibaraki local government will apply more strict safety limit [...]

Totoro fighting lymphatic malignancy

A lot of pets were separated from their owners because of the nuclear accident. A woman who looks after abandoned pets met a dog to be given a month to live. Ms. Tamata (33) moved from Tokyo to Fukushima last October to take care about dogs left in alerting area of Fukushima. People in shelter [...]

Auditor of Tepco admits no responsibility of historical board members for Fukushima

Tepco’s auditor officially admitted zero responsibility for the historical board members. Stockholders and a lawyer Kawai Hiroyuki requested Tepco to sue the historical board members for the compensation caused by Fukushima catastrophe. On 1/16/2012, the auditor of Tepco replied to the stockholders, they will not sue the historical stockholders. They state the reason is because [...]

Police die of radiation in Fukushima

A Japanese journalist Terasawa Yu had public security confirm that police officers sent to Fukushima die of radiation. It was when Fukushima women demonstrated around Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry on 10/27/2011. When he was interviewing an activist, Sono Ryota, a public security approached them and Mr.Terasawa got a chance to ask him. He asked [...]

Cat food for demonstation participants

Tepco, Japanese government and their stakeholders are starting to be unbelievably mean. Today, a participant of a demonstration in front of Tepco tweeted like below: @mainakata311 麻意☆福島県民 東電本社前でアクションしていた時、後ろから「どうぞっ」て配られたお菓子みたいなやつ、食べたらすんごく不味くてキャットフードみたいだった。応援にかけつけてくれた方も食べたんだけど、お互いに違和感感じて、あれは絶対キャットフードだったと思う。最悪な福島県民への嫌がらせ(怒) Translation: When I was in the demonstration in front of Tepco’s head office, someone gave me something like snack from my behind. It was naive of me [...]

Send me a letter

大きな地図で見る In Japan, there was a place no one can make a nuclear plant because of an old lady. Her name is Kumagai Asako. She owned her house and 12,000 m2 of the land, which is only 250m away from the proposed reactor. She kept fighting against the Japanese power company, J-power, to block the [...]

Alpinist Noguchi cancelled climbing up Himalayas

Following up this article Corrupted alpinist Nogushi ken became sick and sent to the hospital just before this climbing up Himalayas. @kennoguchi0821 野口健 空港に向かう前に嘔吐、腹痛に襲われ病院へ。そしてそのまま入院。ヒマラヤ遠征の準備を終え、これから出発というタイミングでなんとも…。腸の働きがピタリと止まっていたのが痛みの原因だとか。医師には「この状況ではヒマラヤ登山は無理です」と告げられ素直に納得。休む事に専念します。 <Translate> Vomited and had severe stomachache on the way to the airport. sent to the hospital. It’s regrettable because we have finished preparing to climb up Himalayas and we were [...]

NHK manipulates the report of JP PM Noda’s press conference

    The video is perfectly organized. 12/16/2011 ,JP PM Noda declared cold shutdown for some reason. At the press conference ,they arranged set-up questions of corrupted reporters and NHK only reported that part. Just after NHK stopped reporting it ,a free journalist Jinbo Tetsuo asked the PM. “Now that fuel is out of the [...]

What’s actually happening to Fukushima people

Following up the article The woman (41) living in Minami soma updated the picture of her mouth. Self-proclaimed doctor in Minami soma left a comment saying “There is no one sick in Minami soma.” This is her response. She says she had all her bad teeth treated just before 311 and that there was [...]

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