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JP Gov did not evacuate JP emperor to west Japan for the risk of panic

  Edano former chief cabinet secretary and Fukuyama deputy chief cabinet secretary unofficially considered having Japanese emperor evacuate to west Japan in March of 2011. They assumed the worst senario that Tokyo area may become evacuating zone as well. As the result of consideration, they quit having Japanese emperor evacuate to west Japan because it [...]

“Tokyo citizens were irradiated”

Though Japanese media manipulated the statement of Japanese emperor, Mr. Sugaya, the Matsumoto city mayor managed to tell the truth on NHK’s news show.   今日のNHKニュース9でチェルノブイリで医療活動経験のある菅谷松本市長が「結局都民は被曝したということなんです。」とはっきり言ったのを見ましたか?ようやく、都民が被曝してることを報道機関が流し始めたね。そう、私も戦時中の話だと思っていた被曝をしたってわけ。ヒバクシャだよ。 — うちゃか。 (@sayakaiurani) March 12, 2012   <Translate> On today’s News9 of NHK, Mr.Sugaya, the Matsumoto city mayor, who has been involved in medical care in Chernobyl clearly stated, [...]

Translation of Noda’s speech on 3/11/2012 (Noise reduction)

  [Seasonal greetings are cut off.] Japan is the islands of natural disaster. Learning from the Great East Japan Earthquake, we shall step up contingency planning as soon as possible. It has been one month since The Japanese reconstruction administration was founded. It is expected to play the significant role to take the initiative of [...]

Internal document “SPEEDI result is too serious. can’t be disclosed.”

  Insider document was made to record that 3 administers including Takagi, Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, and administrators of MEXT discussed the SPEEDI result and judged it was too serious to disclose. It was 3/15/2011, the next day of reactor 3′s nuclear explosion. MEXT explains it was made by non-engineering staff, [...]

Propaganda site is taking too long to finish

    The Agency of Natural Resources and Energy was planning to make a website to spread the correct information by last September, but it still hasn’t been finished. Mid August in 2011, they outsourced it for an advertisement company ADK, which is a group company of Dentsu. They made budget of 70 million yen. [...]

Japan Food campaign is operated by

Japanese government is trying to make Japanese people consume food produced in Fukushima. It’s called, 食べて応援, “Support by eating” and they invest lots of money into CM or performance.   Looking like a charity campaign, the head office of this campain is in the building of, which is one of the largest advertisement company [...]

Monitoring post manipulated

Mr. Hasegawa, a cattle farmer from Iidate mura states the monitoring post data of Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology is manipulated. On 2/20/2012, he held a press conference for his publishing the book titled “Having my hometown taken away by the nuclear.” In this conference, he stated ,last November, Taisei corporation, which [...]

Local gov pay for the fake comments “I want to go home.”

A person from evacuating area tweeted about the censorship of Fukushima. 谷瀬未紀 @pikaluck @akemizk06512 今日、福島の○○町(避難区域)から来た方が、この町ではTV出演は町を通してと言われてて、「帰りたいです」「復興」って言って出たら町から1万円もらえるという噂を。「避難したいです」は出演不可と。Source <Translate> Today I heard this story from someone in ○○ town (Evacuation area). In that town, they need a permission of the town government to show up on TV, and they are paid 10,000JPY every time they say, I want [...]

Chief editor of a magazine was arrested after criticizing Tepco

  The chief editor of the magazine “Toyo Keizai” was arrested for molestation. Omori metropolitan police department caught him touching the hip of 2 woman (20s and 30s) on Keihintohoku line, between Shinagawa and Omori. He was deeply drunk. His magazine is known to criticize Tepco. The latest issue was published the day before he [...]

Yellow powder fell in China and JP corporations removed the video

Following up this article ..Yellow powder still remains in Tokyo Yellow powder was observed in Fujian in China 3/23/2011. However, the youtube video was removed by the request of Yomiuri agency and the federation of electric power companies of Japan. Yomiuri is known to be a propaganda media.     Iori Mochizuki

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