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More fasciated dandelions in Nagano

5 flowers are connected. It was found in Hakubacho Nagano. A local newspaper “Ohito times” reported it.     Source     Iori Mochizuki 3/30から5/5まで、おれ氏はキプロスを調査しておりもす。 (キプロス調査の詳しいところ)オラソダ調査の時に何度も弁護士の口から出てきた国、キプロスで起業→オラソダで支店開設をすれば同じ要領で世界中の国でビザが(σ・∀・)σゲッツ!!出来るのか。理論上では可能ですが、実際に出来るのかは誰か暇な奴が確かめてみないといけません。ということで、世界で幼稚園児の次に暇な男、おれ氏がやってきます。 調査費は自腹で、見積もりを出す以前にキプロスに飛び込んでしまいましたが、未開の地を開拓するサソタ・オレオ号にみなさんのオレオを投資して頂けると嬉しいです。費用は全部で切りのいいところで222.5オレオになる見込みですたい。1オレオ(10$、オレオ数はQuantityで変更可能)〜から、顔本、たそぶらーの専用ページへアクセス出来もふ! 現在の総オレオ/目標オレオ:76/222.5 You can edit Quantity 1OREO $10.00 USD FacebookのURLかよく使うメアドをお願いします 毎月オレオ(オレアーの扉) 1 Oreo : $7.00 USD – monthly 2 Oreo : $14.00 USD – monthly 3 Oreo : $21.00 [...]


1. Mutated tangerine. Location : Hamamatsu shi Shizuoka Date : 2/10/2012 Source     2. Mutated morning glory. Location : Kamisushi Ibaraki Date : Unknown Source

Conjoint fish

Conjoint larval fish of salmon is found in Fukuchi shi Kyoto Mr. Miyamoto Tadao (67) received 50 eggs from environmental symposium of Yura river on 1/7/2012. He raised them with his ground son (7) in the gate their house. From 1/14~1/17, all of them hatched the eggs. Temperature is managed by the 2. On 1/29/2012, [...]

Farmers put too much fertilizer to all the tomatos in Fukushima

Fukushima farmers put too much fertilizer to all their tomatos to cause mutation. 10 cardboard boxes full of deformed tomatos were sold at supermarket, which belongs to seven and i holdings. They are from Fukushima. The bottom boxes had worse deformed tomatos.   (Source) Iori Mochizuki

Mutation of mushroom from Tokushima

Mutation of mushroom was found at a supermarket, which is from Tokushima, in Shikoku. The person who found this suspects the bed log was contaminated.(Source) 大きな地図で見る   They also found deformed azalea in Fujisawa Kanagawa. A flower is blooming in another flower.(Source)   大きな地図で見る   Deformed chinese cabbage on 6/5/2011.     Correct one.(Source) Iori [...]

The worst vegetable mutation

Vegetable mutation: sample taken in June, Saitama. @masason (← CEO of Softbank) これは酷い… (2011/7/13) 6月埼玉にて収穫”” <Translation> This is horrible. (7/13/2011) Harvested in June, Saitama. <End> I suppose it’s a tomato. (Source)   Iori Mochizuki

Hidden fact about nuclear

Following up this article about gigantic vegetables… Vegetables around the Kanto area are becoming giant this year but the same phenomena has already been observed after the atomic bomb of Nagasaki and Hiroshima. On the article of Mainichi Newspaper (1/5/1972), it is written that an old engineer, Mr. Furuno, found that vegetables grew huge or [...]

White crow in Iwate

大きな地図で見る 9/27/2011, they found a crow with white feathers in Miyako Iwate. Experts say it’s not an usual albino and don’t know “what caused it”. (Source) 白い羽のカラス 宮古・閉伊川河川敷 2011.9.27 宮古市の閉伊川河口に近い河川敷に白い羽のカラスが現れ、話題になっている。専門家によると、一般的なアルビノ(白化)とは異なる突然変異で原因は不明。市民は「震災のストレスかも」と想像を巡らせる。(岩手日報)

Sunflower blooms in snow

One of the readers kindly sent me this. In snow ,sunflowers are blooming. December ,Koriyama Fukushima.       大きな地図で見る _____ Français : Un tournesol fleurit dans la neige   Un des lecteurs m’a gentiment envoyé ceci : Les tournesols fleurissent dans la neige. Décembre 2011, Koriyama, Fukushima : 大きな地図で見る

2 babies were born with endocardial cushion defect and congenital biliary atresia

According to a doctor in Japan, two babies were born with congenital disorders. @GoodBye_Nuclear 善川チャーリ ついに現実がきた。同僚の医師ふたり。11月後半に子供が生まれた。ひとりはダウン症候群+心内膜床欠損症で小児循環器専門の病院から「手術不能」と返された。もう一方は、先天性胆道閉鎖症。聞いた瞬間、原発事故を思い浮かべなかったが、1分後に俺は青ざめることに。 Translation: It’s come to the reality. 2 of my coworkers (doctors) had babies in late November. One of them has Down syndrome and endocardial cushion defect (also known as Atrioventricular septal defect). The Pediatric cardiologist rejected treating him to [...]

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