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Radioactive wind will hit Tokyo on 3/9/2012

Radioactive wind from Fukushima is predicted to hit Tokyo on 3/9/2012 from the data of meteorological bureau.           Source Iori Mochizuki 3/30から5/5まで、おれ氏はキプロスを調査しておりもす。 (キプロス調査の詳しいところ)オラソダ調査の時に何度も弁護士の口から出てきた国、キプロスで起業→オラソダで支店開設をすれば同じ要領で世界中の国でビザが(σ・∀・)σゲッツ!!出来るのか。理論上では可能ですが、実際に出来るのかは誰か暇な奴が確かめてみないといけません。ということで、世界で幼稚園児の次に暇な男、おれ氏がやってきます。 調査費は自腹で、見積もりを出す以前にキプロスに飛び込んでしまいましたが、未開の地を開拓するサソタ・オレオ号にみなさんのオレオを投資して頂けると嬉しいです。費用は全部で切りのいいところで222.5オレオになる見込みですたい。1オレオ(10$、オレオ数はQuantityで変更可能)〜から、顔本、たそぶらーの専用ページへアクセス出来もふ! 現在の総オレオ/目標オレオ:80/222.5 You can edit Quantity 1OREO $10.00 USD FacebookのURLかよく使うメアドをお願いします 毎月オレオ(オレアーの扉) 1 Oreo : $7.00 USD – monthly 2 Oreo : $14.00 USD – monthly 3 Oreo : $21.00 [...]

Where to go when SFP of reactor 4 falls off ?

At this moment, one of the biggest risk is the SFP of reactor 4. Japanese government talks they need to evacuate further than 250km (Around Yokohama), but this would be a lie as always. Dr. Arnie Gundersen warns they need to go further than 450km. Here FD puts the map just for your information.   [...]

Roads in Tokyo will be shut down at emergency

Metropolitan police department decided to ban some roads (Highway and normal roads) in emergency situation such as earthquake etc.. It’s supposed to let ambulance and fire truck go smoothly, but it means you can not escape when you really need to evacuate. (Source) For the readers living around in Tokyo, I would like to post [...]

Internal exposure map is open

Despite the holocaust by the government, Japanese citizens are still trying to save their younger generation. On 12/7/2011, they made a map of urine test result. Parents can have their children take urine test and post it on the map, so you can compare where is more risky or not in terms of internal exposure. [...]

Comparison of Fukushima and Chernobyl

These maps below are to compare Fukushima and Chernobyl though it’s only about Cs-137. The important point is, in Chernobyl, it was only in Europe but in Fukushima, it’s the whole pacific ocean. The US west coast is covered with pale blue, but it means most of the fallout fell into the pacific ocean, from [...]

Low dose symptoms map

Although there are so many people to suffer from nosebleeds, diarrhea, fatigue or coughing,it has been denied, bashed, and labeled as harmful rumor. A twitter user made a map to put each low dose symptom into Japanese map. You see the obvious link with Fukushima. It also looks similar to radiation maps of the region. [...]

Marine version of Chernobyl

Fukushima is the sea version of Chernobyl Chernobyl had radiation drift in the jet stream in the sky. Fukushima leaks radiation into the sea. I therefore think the core problem is not the contamination of Japanese island, it’s the contamination of pacific ocean. On 11/11/2011, ASR updated the sea contamination simulation map. (see end of [...]

More honest Cs-137 map

PNAS-2011-Yasunari-1112058108 Apart from the radiation map of Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, the international team of USRA, Nagoya university, and Tokyo university simulated the spreading of cesium-137 from 3/20~4/20. Though there are some questions, such as why it’s from 3/20, not 3/11, and it has already happened so, it’s not even a [...]

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