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National Tax Agency is inspecting anti nuke newspaper

Following up this article..Chief editor of a magazine was arrested after criticizing Tepco   National tax agency is inspecting Chunichi newspaper group and Tokyo newspaper, which is one of the group companies. Tokyo newspaper is the only media to report nuclear disaster objectively. The investigation of national tax agency is unusually persistent. They ordered Tokyo [...]

Detectable amount of WBC in Fukushima is 300 Bq/Kg

Even though  a Fukushima citizen wants to know how much is the internal exposure of their own children, they can’t have a proper result of WBC in Fukushima. Of course it costs money. A Fukushima citizen tweeted like this below.     再掲。福島県の病院で行われているホールボディカウンターの検出限界値。300Bq以下は全てなかった事にされる。ちなみにこの紙の下には『100ミリシーベルトを超えなければ、がんの増加は確認されていません』 というような事が書いてあります。… — ヨコビッチ (@yokoabitch) March 13, 2012   <Translate> The detectable [...]

Numayu’s blog shut down

Minamisoma blogger called Numayu was recording her health state since after 311. Just before one year anniversary. her blog was shut down. There is no even cache. The reason why it was shut down is not announced. When she appeared on Aljazeera, she had purplish patch. She was planning to attend at National Network of [...]

A Japanese woman had her visa declined by Indian government

  A Japanese woman from Fukushima was invited to India by Green peace, but Indian government canceled the visa though they had already given it to her. She was involved in the action to save children from nuclear, some of the indian media introduced her as an anti nuclear activist. Indian government was concerned about [...]

Fukushima citizen 90 mSv of thyroid exposure

  4/11~16/2011, Mr. Tokonami from Hirosaki university checked Iodine 131 level of the thyroid for 65 of Fukushima citizens. 48 of them evacuated from Hamadori to Fukushima city, 17 of them remained in Namie machi, where is 30km area from Fukushima plants. As a result, 50 of them had Iodine 131 measured from thyroid. To [...]

Solatium will be cut off by the end of August

Screening panel of nuclear disaster compensation announced they are considering to stop solatium (100,000JPY / month) for the citizens living in the former evacuating zone (20~30km) in Fukushima. They explain, Japanese government lifted the evacuating zone on 9/30/2011, and the infrastructure is being rebuilt. They are planning to cut of the solatium by the end [...]

Fukushima governor has never visited nuclear plants

  From the report of NHK, it turned out that Sato Yuhei, the Fukushima governor has never visited Fukushima nuclear plants since 311. On 3/8/2012, Sato Yuhei visited Fukushima nuclear plants for the first time after 311, and told Mr. Takahashi, the chief of Fukushima plants to make the best to decommission the plants. He [...]

33,160 people left Fukushima

  Population of disaster area is shrinking. Decreasing population is observed in Fukushima, Miyagi, and a part of Iwate but it’s standing-out in Fukushima. Population in Fukushima had been in the decreasing trend even before 311, but 33,160 people left Fukushima after 311, which is significant. Especially infants and their parental generation are withdrawing. 0~4 [...]

French journalist prosecuted summary for entering 20km area

  3/2/2012, a French freelance camera man (31) was prosecuted summary for entering 20kmarea to violate the Fundamental Disaster Relief Act with 3 other Japanese citizens. They did not have the permission to enter. Fukushima summary court ordered each for 100,000 yen fine. This is the first legal penalty for entering the alerting area. Fukushima [...]

Potassium iodide was given to Tepco employees

  ↑ The orange package says Potassium iodide     Potassium iodide was caught in the picture. Tepco made an off site center to settle down Fukushima plants in Ohkuma machi Fukushima. Having reactor 3′s nuclear explosion, they withdrew to Fukushima prefectural government office on 3/15. The site was opened for mass media on 3/2/2012. Nothing was [...]

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