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12,000 attended at demonstration

It’s been 11 months since 311. Nothing has been improved in Fukushima, but to close all the rest of nuclear plants at least, 12,000 people attended at the demonstration held in Yoyogi park in Tokyo. Japanese author Ooe Kenzaburo, Japanese anti-nuke actor Yamamoto Taro joined too. Made a comment, “Closing all the nuclear plants will [...]

JP Gov is planning to remove the antu-nuclear tent in front of METI

  Economy, Trade and Industry Minister Edano Yukio has decided to remove the tent to occupy ministry of Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry because of the fire at the end of last year and because they are occupying a government-owned site. It was built in front of the building of ministry of Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry [...]

Noam Chomsky mentions Fukushima

Japanese justice decided not to give the right to evacuate for Fukushima children. Noam Chomsky sent a message for it to show he supports the victims.   On 2012/01/12, at 11:50, Noam Chomsky wrote: It is a privilege to be able to lend personal support to the Fukushima Evacuate Children Lawsuit. There is no better [...]

News: Massive anti-nuclear demonstration in Fukuoka 11/12/11

(Nika here, writing this post) The awesome William Milberry, who creates important and intelligent videos on life in Japan and partiularly with respect to the Fukushima nuclear disaster, shared a video yesterday of a large anti-nuke protest in Fukuoka, Japan. He says in the description of the above video: There were over 10,000 people. Everyone [...]

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