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東京近郊の横浜にあるマンション屋上から ストロンチウムが検出されました。 でもこのニュースは日本国民にとっては悪夢の序章にしかすぎません。 In Yokohama, located on the outskirts of Tokyo, radioactive strontium was detected on a roof. But this news is nothing but the beginning of the nightmare for the Japanese citizens . 東北の食材を食べて応援しよう、というスローガンを掲げる農林水産省の担当者は、「ストロンチウムは原発から30km以遠は飛ばない」 との仮定のもとに、セシウム300Bq/kgの飼料および400Bq/kgの肥料、そして100Bq/kgの養殖魚飼料を「全国に」解禁してしまいました。 Officials from the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (MAFF) put up the slogan “Help the Tohoku region (Northeast of [...]

Save us.

This is a communication from Mariko Toya as translated by Mochizuki Iori [Contaminated food is distributed to all around in Japan.Japanese students are forced to take the risk of internal exposure.]   Source Surface concentration of I-131 at UTC=2011-03-24-15h The situation is worse than you think.Please do know that and tell it to everyone. [...]

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