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[Column] If I had my room.

It’s been about 10 months since I left Japan. I have been travelling 8 countries (Source = my passport) , stayed at more than 20 places. I want to think I have contributed to the world a little bit. At least more than 5 families decided to leave Japan around me. Nothing may happen even [...]

Settlement report 6/20 ~ 6/24/2012

    Though Japan is in such a crisis, I’m still struggling to get used to this new life. I managed the jet-lag, but still every small thing is hard, like I can’t have it systematic to have a shower or the morning “ceremony” (washing my face, brushing my teeth etc..) yet, so I’m writing [...]

Settlement report 3/14/2012

Donation : 7.00USD Expense : Package shipping cost to the new place 135.00USD  Sun glasses 35.00USD Rest : -163.00   Thank you for your donation. I wonder if you know any other ways to receive donations than paypal. I don’t have a bank account here yet. I wish I had a chance to talk to [...]

Settlement report 3/11~13

Donation (3/11~12) : 560.00 USD Expense : 2.20 USD Rest : 557.80 USD   Donation (3/13) : 33.00 USD Expense : 0.00USD Rest : 33.00USD   I’m afraid that it would be the last splash of donation in the history of FD. There were lots of events related to 311, couldn’t catch up with the [...]

One year and when you are thought to be assailant

  I don’t like one year anniversary. Nothing’s ended. We only confirmed that nothing has been improved since 311. The public execution has begun in Fukushima, like in Minamisoma. As I hear from people actually working there or living there, I find the situation really desperate. Nothing can be done. Now it’s only in Fukushima [...]

Settlement report 3/9/2012

Donation : 163.00USD Expense : meat 2.00USD   Sauce 1.90USD  Tooth paste 5.20USD   Hand cream 4.20USD Profit : 149.70USD   Maybe some people misunderstand me. I don’t charge anyone, I don’t make anyone pay me money. I took donation service because ads only makes google rich, and we have to make articles that google [...]

Settlement report 3/8/2012

No Donation.   Today was a bad day. haha I would be very happy if you tell someone around to throw confetti to me. This is a full time job.   One year anniversary is coming. I’m afraid people will forget about Fukushima after that. Nothing has ended. It’s just begun. Tsumani was a pain [...]

Settlement report 3/7/2012

Donation : 56.00 USD Expense : 0.00 USD Profit : 56.00 USD   Thank you very much for your support. I’m making 2 of the new plans but don’t know how to handle it. Recently FD has attention from Japanese people though it has been almost ignored from Japan. lol I’m feeling like I’m a [...]

Settlement report 3/6/2012

No report because there was no donation.   I’m thinking of covering the French issue as well. I wonder if anyone can be the administrator of the chat box ? I would like to be reported the IP of trolls. Suggestion to other bloggers. I wish we could share the information of trolls so we [...]

Settlement report 3/5/2012

Donation : 75.00 USD Expense : Food 10.00USD, Train 27.00USD Profit : 38.00USD Thank you very much. I’m finally back to my HOME in EU. such a long trip but it altered my life. Some people worried about me because I sounded (was) tired. Sorry, I’m already getting better. I think everyone would get tired [...]

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