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[Ohi] Ohi nuclear plant restarted. -Let’s make our new Japan

  At 21:00 of 7/1/2012, Ohi nuclear plant reactor3 was restarted. Riot police has started suppress the peaceful protest. This is the declaration of war against Japanese citizens.                           Iori Mochizuki 3/30から5/5まで、おれ氏はキプロスを調査しておりもす。 (キプロス調査の詳しいところ)オラソダ調査の時に何度も弁護士の口から出てきた国、キプロスで起業→オラソダで支店開設をすれば同じ要領で世界中の国でビザが(σ・∀・)σゲッツ!!出来るのか。理論上では可能ですが、実際に出来るのかは誰か暇な奴が確かめてみないといけません。ということで、世界で幼稚園児の次に暇な男、おれ氏がやってきます。 調査費は自腹で、見積もりを出す以前にキプロスに飛び込んでしまいましたが、未開の地を開拓するサソタ・オレオ号にみなさんのオレオを投資して頂けると嬉しいです。費用は全部で切りのいいところで222.5オレオになる見込みですたい。1オレオ(10$、オレオ数はQuantityで変更可能)〜から、顔本、たそぶらーの専用ページへアクセス出来もふ! 現在の総オレオ/目標オレオ:81/222.5 You can edit Quantity 1OREO $10.00 USD FacebookのURLかよく使うメアドをお願いします [...]

[Live] 20 mins to restart Ohi nuclear plant

    It’s 20 minutes left before the restart of Ohi nuclear plant. Protest is still on-going.     Live Video streaming by Ustream Live Video streaming by Ustream Streaming by Ustream Iori Mochizuki

[Live] The protest is being forcibly removed

        As it gets dark, police is starting to remove the protest violently. 3 live channels.   Live Video streaming by Ustream Live Video streaming by Ustream Streaming by Ustream Iori Mochizuki

[Live] Citizens resisting against pre-emption. Police caught crying.

Riot police and hired security firm started pre-emption but citizens are resisting nonviolently.             Streaming video by Ustream Iori Mochizuki

[Live] Police started pre-emption against the protest

      At 17:45, police started pre-emption against the non-violent protest of citizens. Citizens are keeping their hands up to show nonviolent resistent. Riot police seems to hire security firm to make them remove the protest.       Live video from your iPhone using Ustream Iori Mochizuki

[Live] Police gave the last notice

Following up this article..[Live] Protest still standing at Ohi nuclear plant Police gave out the last notice to arrest the protest for interference with a public servant in the execution of his or her duties.   Broadcasting live with Ustream Iori Mochizuki

[Live] 100,000 people of demonstration gone out of control. Ordered to stop.

  Live video from your Android device on Ustream       Live stream videos at Ustream       Roadway is starting to be occupied. According to the organizer, over 100,000 people joined. The demonstration has gone completely out of control, the organizer and police decided to stop it.           [...]

[Live] Demonstration started

      Live video for mobile from Ustream Live broadcast by Ustream Live broadcast by Ustream Iori Mochizuki

[Reactor1] Dosemeter indicated 10.3Sv/h and spiked to 1,000,000 Sv/h to be out of order

Following up this article..You can’t work longer than 30 mins in reactor1 because of too much radiation The detailed data of the endoscope operation [LINK] was published. The dose meter indicated 10.3 Sv/h near the surface of flooded water, which is 10 times higher than the radiation level measured in the basement floor of reactor2 [...]

M6 in Chiba Scale 5

    Currently, JR Tokai is still moving. People should seriously consider evacuating from around Tokyo. Mobile phone call is restricted.   Iori Mochizuki

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