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Breaking news Natural disasters

60% of surveyed area had land subsidence in Chiba / Double as last year and the reason not identified

60% of surveyed area in 2013 had land subsidence in Chiba prefecture. It was 2040 km2, which is nearly as double as 2012. Chiba prefectural government states the land subsidence


Under 20yrd decreased by 60% in Minamisoma city

Fukushima TV reported, people under 20 years old are 5,810 in Minamisoma city, which is only 40% of before 311. The cause of decrease is not published. In this August,

Sea contamination

Cesium from 60% of fishery products in Fukushima

From the radiation measurement test of Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare on 8/1/2012, cesium134/137 was measured from 60% of the fishery products. (80 of 132 products.) They are not


Tepco reduced 60% of the sub contract workers at Fukushima plants

On average, this winter Tepco employees will be paid 2 million yen bonus for some reason. However, most of the Fukushima workers are from their sub contract companies. At Upper

Breaking news Contaminated water crisis Fukushima Plant

Groundwater Cs-134/137 density jumped up 260 percent beside Reactor 2 within only a week

Related to this article.. Sr-90 density rose up 155 percent of the previous highest reading in the seaside of Reactor 2 [URL]   On 9/29/2015, Tepco announced Cesium-134/137 density of groundwater

Breaking news Misinformation Politics

Dosimeter of Fukushima citizen counts 40% lower than actual, Maker admits

On 1/28/2015, “CHIYODA TECHNOL CORPORATION [URL]” announced on their website that their dosimeter shows cumulative exposure dose lower than actual air dose rate by 30 〜 40%. Fukushima citizens are

Sea contamination

Cs-134/137 detected from zooplankton and seawater at over 10 locations of the Pacific, “Even from 2100km”

On 5/21/2013, Fukushima Diary reported “Meteorological Research Institute, “Cs-134/137 going deeper under ocean due to the subduction of winter” [URL]” Another researching group reported about “Horizontal distribution of Fukushima-derived radiocesium

Spent Fuel Pools

[Express] “Common usage pool may be more heated than SFP of reactor3”

Introducing important tweets as [Express] for simultaneous update.   SFPでの循環冷却停止時の温度上昇率まとめ今日、共用プールでの循環冷却が再開された。実績データが出たので記録する。… — 高野只男さん (@ManTakano) 12月 19, 2012 <Translate> The temperature increasing rate while the coolant system is stopped for SFP

Food contamination

Comparing to Ukraine, the ratio of healthy children in Saitama will be only 6% by 2033

Mr. Kowaka, the chairman of NPO Safety of our foods and life analyzes the contamination situation of Saitama city is the same as Ukraine from the field research conducted from


Setagaya ku turns down 38% of the decontamination requests and they can decrease it by only 65%

According to their HP, from this January to July, Setagaya ward in Tokyo received 65 requests for decontamination at least. Setagaya ward is the biggest ward in Tokyo and Japan,