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Breaking news Natural disasters

Volcano erupted in the central Japan / Over 10 people cardiopulmonary arrest, still 43 missing

Photo : A climber’s post on Twitter just less than a minute before the eruption. This is the mountain top of the volcano, and this person has not updated Twitter.

Breaking news Politics Support by eating

Old-established-cafe in Tokyo “Ginza West” decided to use Fukushima butter

On 9/8/2014, an old-established-cafe “Ginza West (Since 1947)” announced they started using Fukushima butter as of 9/1/2014. They commented “Now that the safety is confirmed based on scientific facts, it would

Breaking news Oppress Politics

Anti-nuke news caster’s name represented on “grave stone” in a TV drama of another TV channel

Related to this article..  TV News program subtitle “We ran out of time to report about Fukushima related news” [URL]   The news caster of Hodo station (TV Asahi) had his name

Breaking news Contaminated water crisis Fukushima Plant

Tepco to give up the preceding frozen wall and directly fill the trenches with cement instead

Photo : Fukushima workers putting ice cubes to “frozen water” wall to make it frozen temporally. 7/24/2014.   Following up this article.. Tepco “Never give up the frozen wall project”

Breaking news Natural disasters

M5.0 class quakes hit Fukushima offshore twice within 45 mins

Two major quakes occurred Fukushima offshore with only 45 minutes interval. At 21:45 of 9/24/2014 (JST), M5.0 hit Fukushima offshore. The maximum seismic intensity was 4. At 22:35 (JST), M5.2

Breaking news Natural disasters

60% of surveyed area had land subsidence in Chiba / Double as last year and the reason not identified

60% of surveyed area in 2013 had land subsidence in Chiba prefecture. It was 2040 km2, which is nearly as double as 2012. Chiba prefectural government states the land subsidence

Breaking news Misinformation Politics

NHK changed their TV program about Fukushima radioactive particle to dinosaur with no explanation

NHK cancelled their TV show about radioactive particle scheduled for 9/21/2014. The title of the show was “Nuclear accident – Follow the unidentified radioactive partile !”. It was scheduled to be

Breaking news Effects to be confirmed Health

Japanese citizen “Face skin bleeds sometimes since 2 years ago” – Photo

A Japanese citizen posted on Twitter with a picture that she also bleeds from her face skin. This was her response for the posts like “[Photo] Fukushima decontamination volunteer “Blood

Breaking news Export from Japan Politics

26 times much radiation level detected from Japanese used car “Mitsubishi Pajero” in Russian customs

Extremely radioactive used car was about to be imported from Japan to Russia. The car was Mitsubishi Pajero. The detected radiation level is reported to be 26 times much as

Breaking news Contaminated water crisis Fukushima Plant

Tepco announced bypass project decreased 130 t / d of water / Worker “No supportive data”

Following up this article.. Having discharged 25,000 t of bypass contaminated water, contaminated groundwater didn’t decrease [URL]   It has been 4 months since Tepco started the bypass water project,