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Contaminated water crisis

2 Contaminated water tanks overflowed / 9,800,000 Bq/m3 of All β / “Rainwater leaking into the tanks since last year”

↑ The leaked tanks ↑ It is assumed that rain flowed into the tanks from here to push up the water level inside. ↑ Overflowed contaminated water around the tanks.

Contaminated water crisis

Highest density of Tritium detected from 25m underground / 3,100,000 Bq/m3

Extremely high density of Tritium was detected from groundwater of deep layer.   Tepco has started building the frozen water underground wall. In order to investigate the groundwater contamination outside

Effects to be confirmed

16 y.o Japanese model “Suddenly had lots of nosebleed at school”

  A Japanese model / TV personality, Kijima Anna (16) wrote on her blog that she suddenly had lots of nosebleed at school. It was a blog entry of 6/3/2014.

Confirmed effects Effects to be confirmed

Japanese footballer Honda possibly had thyroid surgery

Honda Keisuke (27), a Japanese footballer to play for Serie A club Milan has an operation scar on his neck. He also plays for the Japan National football team as