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LDP purges 2 anti-nuke members of NRA / to recommend 2 pro-nuke members for successors

LDP (The Liberal Democratic Party) is going to purge 2 of the main members in NRA (Nuclear Regulation Authority).   These members are the experts of earthquake prediction and nuclear

Contaminated water crisis Core removing struggle

[Video] Tepco identified a leaking part on reactor1 vessel / Pipes are rusted and starting deteriorated

  ↑ The leaking part on the pipe connected to reactor1 vessel     Following up this article.. [Video] Reactor1 confirmed leaking out the coolant water / 2.0 Sv/h [URL]

Effects to be confirmed

Japanese citizen “6 people in 50s died in my company since the beginning of this year”

A Japanese citizen posted on Twitter that 6 people already died in his company this year. The location is Akita prefecture from his past tweets. (cf, Akita governor suddenly had