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[Column] Managed to open the new bank accounts and trying to install a new payment module

It’s been a week since PayPal closed the account of Fukushima Diary and blocked all of my personal accounts.   My accountant asked me why I reimbursed “all” the donations

Effects to be confirmed

[Spreading health problems] Yokohama Mayor to be hospitalized and home remedy one more month for cardiac problem

Following up this article.. The Mayor of Yokohama hospitalized for unequal pulse [URL]   Yokohama city Mayor, Hayashi Fumiko is going to be hospitalized and have home remedy for approx.


Anti nuclear former JP PM Hosokawa hospitalized and in recuperation / Suffering from “dizziness for unknown reason”

A former Japanese Prime Minister, the new anti-nuclear activist, Hosokawa fell in sick and hospitalized. He became a candidate for Tokyo gubernatorial election.   In mid April, he suddenly fell