Groundwater in deep layer possibly traveling between sea and land / Tepco not to investigate it anymore

Following up this article.. Groundwater level found sync with ebb and flow of the sea → Tepco to abandon the measuring point, “Not credible data” [URL]


Groundwater may be already moving between sea and the land freely in the deep layer, and the contamination is flowing to the Pacific.


In the press conference of 3/17/2014, it turned out that the groundwater level synced with ebb and flow was observed 16m underground. Tepco stated the data doesn’t have adequate credibility because other boring points don’t show the groundwater levels synced, and decided to abandon the issued boring point. However, other boring points are only 5m underground. The gap of the depths haven’t been cleared until then. Additionally, these boring points are only 2m from each other.

There is the possibility that the groundwater and seawater are seamlessly traveling deep underground to convey the highly contaminated water to the sea.

Tepco stated they won’t investigate it anymore, and the reason wasn’t announced either.



Downplay it in the beginning, and quietly add more information so nobody notices it. All for not letting the cattle escape. This is their strategy.


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Les eaux souterraines profondes  communiquent entre terre et mer :  Tepco abandonne leur examen


Article lié : Eaux souterraines synchrones des marées → Tepco abandonne le point de mesure : “Données non crédibles”

Les eaux souterraines des couches les plus profondes se déplacent déjà librement entre la terre et la mer et la radioactivité s’écoule dans le Pacifique.

Au cours de la conférence de presse du 17 mars 2014 ils constataient une synchronisation sur le va et vient des marées des eaux souterraines à 16 m de profondeur. Tepco avait affirmé que ces données n’étaient pas fiables parce que les autres points de forage ne présentaient pas cette synchronisation et avaient décidé d’abandonner les forages en question. Or, les autres forages ne descendent qu’à 5 m de profondeur. La question de la différence entre ces profondeurs n’a toujours pas été clarifié depuis. De plus, ces points de forage ne sont qu’à 2 m les uns des autres.
Il est probable que les eaux souterraines et marines se déplacent de façon conjointe dans les profondeurs du sous-sol pour emporter les eaux extrêmement radioactives jusqu’à la mer.
Tepco a affirmé qu’ils n’allaient plus se pencher sur la question, sans donner de raison non plus.

Le minimiser au début et ajouter tranquillement de nouvelles information pour que personne ne le remarque. Tout pour que le troupeau ne s’échappe pas. C’est leur stratégie.

  1. tepco is not doing much anymore apart from poring water and put some of it in tanks when there is space available to do so.

    1. That’s hardly true now is it? They are installing a new version of ALPS, installing new water tanks, they are sealing gaps between the buildings, they are freezing the tunnels near 2&3, they are installing periscope cameras on 2, they are sealing ductwork in 3, and of course, they’ve repaired the operating floor on 4 and have removed 500 fuel assemblies.

      Sure, there’s lots they are not doing too, but its not like there’s 3000 people on site just sitting around scratching their asses while one guy with a bucket pours water on a reactor.

      1. Until Japan acknowledges they have never had control over the reactor cores, everything else is background noise.

        Abe saying to any interested media outlet something to the effect of the following would be a great start.

        We, the People of Japan have been ignoring the worst nuclear event since the creation of the earth. It is time Japan uses any and all resources possible, without regard for financial, emotional or xenophobic cost, to remediate the problem we have failed the World. I, Abe, leader of Japan, swear to the Emperor, from this moment I will lead this effort at any cost to myself or my pride, for as long as I shall live.”

        Such a statement would be doing something useful. Everything else is simply a soap opera.


        As a preamble to addressing your list:

        Secretariat of the Team for Countermeasures for Decommissioning and Contaminated Water Treatment Report February 27, 2014

        Top Item – “It was evaluated that the comprehensive cold shutdown condition was maintained”

        Using the generally accepted definition “cold shutdown condition”requires no outside intervention. That is to say that the unit will not boil water on its own. It also infers that the reactor is not aggressively making anything more radioactive.

        TEPCO is basing all its efforts on a lie. Everything they do is an attempt to sell this lie as the truth.

        To address the items you list.

        Yes, they are preparing the site for a new version of the ALPS system. The current ALPS system has never preformed as expected. The 3 current lines of ALPS should be considered proof of concept models. Their most recent actions with the ALPS line was to contaminate a number of tanks, the water inside, and a Km of pipe. There are a number of man-years of work that would not be needed if they were just sitting around doing nothing.

        They are drilling and installing ducts, and hope to complete 6 of 48 by the end of May. The success of the project is still in question. Testing has been done, but only as a proof of concept. The testing was not done with heavily contaminated flowing water

        I will take you at your word about camera installation. Let all of us hope they can find some good news with the aid of the cameras.

        They have completed transfer of about 1/3 of the fuel rods in the pool of Reactor 4. And are in the process of installing lead and steel shielding between reactors 3 and 4. The hope is that this and additional work will reduce the exposure of transfer workers in reactor 4 by about 2/3. The fact that a lead/steel wall is needed, shows the dangers of even getting close to reactor 3.

        Yes, work is being done by a great number of unskilled and poorly trained workers. The facility is understaffed and desperate for more workers, but these are not quality jobs. The majority of labor contractors have been cited a number of times for safety violations. This is not something that should be happening to the majority of workers in a radio-active disaster zone. Much less one that has had 3 years to organize their plans. Skilled workers are needed for the construction of Olympic facilities. Not a difficult choice when deciding the best job to take, in a labor short marketplace.

        But again most of it is required to maintain the facade of a ‘cold shutdown.’

        Japan must work to save Japan. Perhaps the Olympics will draw enough light, to aid the country into saving itself.

          1. A compliment to be sure.
            I am certain I am much slower in my writing. I often have to do a few hours of research before i can be comfortable with my answers. I get the impression that Mr, Duff is able to simply write from knowledge already in his head. It can be a hit to the ego to not be the smartest person in the room. But learning more than makes up for it. Mr, Duff also teaches in a way that is not condescending. The signal to noise ratio in these comments is far superior to what is generally found in the interwebs. A very nice change.

  2. There is no TEPCO anymore. TEPCO is a supplicant and bankrupt ward of the state.

    Japan is making these statements directly. The headline can be more accurately named …

    Groundwater in deep layer possibly traveling between sea and land / JAPAN not to investigate it anymore

      1. For all intents, Mr. Duff is correct. TEPCO is Japan.

        TEPCO is 2 different operations at this point.

        ‘TEPCO’ the branded operation, is a large producer and distributor of electrical power in Japan. It is a ‘normal’ power company. It makes houses and businesses light up, bills for its services, repairs downed wires and other typical day to day operations. As a business they produce profits, all of TEPCO’s profits, report to shareholders, have stock that is traded, and the other basic business functions.

        This is not the ‘TEPCO’ that we discuss on Fukushima Diary.

        The Nuclear Damage Liability Facilitation Fund, majority owner of TEPCO stock, is what we talk about in this forum.
        All things Fukushima Daiichi are Nuclear Damage Liability Facilitation Fund (NDLFF), which in turn is Japan. The ‘value’ of the Fukushima Daiichi plant is so huge, that the worth of the power and distribution part of TEPCO almost becomes a rounding error.

        This is what Mr. Duff is speaking of when he says that there is no ‘TEPCO.’

        Sadly, for the people of Japan, the value of Fukushima Daiichi is all negative. All of that liability will be paid by the People of Japan.

        1. Generally Agree,

          A LIABILITY has no value.

          ‘TEPCO’, like many bankrupt companies, has been or is being partitioned,

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              Trolls are generally loner-virgins, living in their mother’s basement.

              Team Nuke Shills are overpaid morons.

              Trolls and Team Nuke Shills are dangerous liars.

              We presume that Niall is a Troll; as ‘Team Nuke’ has hiring standards.

                1. Not in evidence,

                  It has not been established, that moronic auto-trolls such as Niall are people, even stupid people.

                  Certainly Niall is, man or machine, a retard. I could certainly program a better digital version.


                  Bill Duff

    1. “Japan is making these statements directly.”

      Thanks, I had not put this thought together nearly as succinctly in my head.
      I was thinking that there was still some separation of TEPCO and State. It is obviously an incorrect theory once the correct answer is shown.

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