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Contaminated water crisis

[Give up]Nuclear Regulation Authority “It’s impossible to transfer all the water from flange type tanks to new tanks”

On 8/27/2013, Nuclear Regulation Authority held the working group meeting about the contaminated water problem. In this meeting, they concluded it is impossible to transfer all the contaminated water from

Contaminated water crisis

Seawater contamination does not decrease even with the impervious wall

From late July to early August, Tepco built the impervious wall on the coastal line of the seaside of reactor2. They even paid the cost for pumping up the increasing

Contaminated water crisis Cover-ups Plant hazard

[300m3 leakage] Leakage might have been occurring since this July / No countermeasures taken

According to Tepco, β exposure dose of the radio reply station worker has been increasing since this July. This means the 300m3 of leakage started over one month ago. This

Spent Fuel Pools

[Fuel removal of reactor4 pool] Tepco released the debris map of SFP4 -Complete mess

Tepco plans to start fuel removal of reactor4 spent fuel pool from mid November. On 8/26/2013, Tepco released the debris map of SFP4 but it looks extremely difficult to remove

Cover-ups Plant hazard

Tepco “Debris removal in S-W area of the reactor3 first floor is completed” → “The main contents include long boots”

According to Tepco, they completed the debris removal in the South West area of the first floor of reactor3 building. The unmanned robot had been in the operation from 7/25

Contaminated water crisis

16 mSv/h detected on the other side of the 300m3 leakage tank area / Tepco “Not a different leakage”

About 300m3 leakage of contaminated water, Tepco announced high level of radiation was detected in the opposite side from where the contaminated water flowed to on 8/26/2013. Tepco was explaining